XSS Injection with SQLi

XSS Injection with SQLi (XSSQLi) XSS Injection with SQLi (XSSQLi) Well After our discussion on different types of injection and places you can find SQL injection Vulnerability, an attacker can successfully exploit and SQL injection vulnerability and get access over the database and if he is enough lucky to get access to the File System…

Stored XSS on h2biz.net

I was surfing the internet when I came across this web portal http://www.h2biz.net which I found to be vulnerable to Reflected XSS. So I attempted to make a Stored XSS because I noticed a kind of message board. I have created a temporary email for registering on the website, then I completed the registration phase….

Best XSS Vectors

Here’s a small #XSS list for manual testing (main cases, high success rate).

 "><img src onerror=alert(1)> 
"autofocus onfocus=alert(1)//

Try it on: – URL query, fragment & path; – all input fields.

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