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API for CERTs and LEAs

To promote coordinated and responsible disclosure enabled by Open Bug Bounty non-profit project, we provide national and private (subject to qualification) CERTs and Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) with a free and unlimited API to search our databases and get alerts on new submissions affecting any domain.

The API does not provide vulnerability details (that belong to the security researchers) unless they are publicly disclosed.

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Your data will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third parties.

  Latest Patched

 16.05.2022 baclieu.gov.vn
 16.05.2022 essuir.sumdu.edu.ua
 16.05.2022 westerncape.gov.za
 16.05.2022 mobilecentre.am
 16.05.2022 e-store.bluebrand.me
 16.05.2022 jic.edu.sa
 16.05.2022 faculdadefacit.edu.br
 16.05.2022 dochkisinochki.ru
 16.05.2022 uner.edu.ar
 16.05.2022 trangnguyen.edu.vn

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  Recent Recommendations

@notedekd     28 April, 2022
    Twitter notedekd:
@singhnitesh21 provides precise and comprehensive vulnerable information. I highly appreciate the support and quick response.
@CERT_rlp     27 April, 2022
    Twitter CERT_rlp:
The team of CERT-rlp would like to thank Antonio for a responsible and coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities
@DeanHalter     25 April, 2022
    Twitter DeanHalter:
Appreciate the skill and effort Nitesh and others in the open bounty, ethical hacker community bring to the table. He pointed out an XSS vulnerability on our website.
@TiagoGuedesEGo1     22 April, 2022
    Twitter TiagoGuedesEGo1:
Pranjal made us aware of several security vulnerabilities that represented security flaws of several degrees and needed to be rectified.

It was a pleasure working with him and I hope we can work again in the future, Thank you!
@DeanHalter     20 April, 2022
    Twitter DeanHalter:
Thank you for reporting the pair of XSS issues you found on our site. Your expertise and ethical reporting/handling helped us secure our website. Keep up the great and necessary work.