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Renzi Top VIP Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher Renzi has already helped fix 6742 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  530

Real name:
Felipe Gabriel Renzi

About me:
-> Cyber Security Analyst and Security Researcher (Brazil).
-> We can make Web a Safer Place.

How to contact me:
-> E-mail: [email protected]
-> Contact me as soon as possible to protect your web application!

Certifications & Diplomas:
-> Forest Engineering - UNESP
-> Information Security - SENAC

Experience in Application Security
over 5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
-> Bounty Payment (PayPal).
-> Public Recognition & thanks (Here).
-> Swag (T-shirt, stickers, cups).
-> Job Offer (Pentest or Vulnerability Assessment).
-> Vouchers (eg. Amazon Brazil)

Halls of Fame:
SoundCloud, Western Union, Alibaba, T-mobile, Telefonica, Tim, Huawei, Skyscanner, Jet, MasterCard, Wp Engine, Indeed, Costant Contact, Engel & Volkers Technology GmbH, U.S. Dept Of Defense, MTN and..

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@ukegawa     24 September, 2019
    Twitter ukegawa ukegawa from kurogo:
Thank you for the report! We appreciate it.
@AndyTrier     2 May, 2019
    Twitter AndyTrier Andreas from Trier-Saarburg:
Felipe found a XSS flaw in one of our web pages, and kindly told us about it so that we could address it. We'd like to thank Felipe for his prompt and professional disclosure.
@KoegelGmbH     30 April, 2019
    Twitter KoegelGmbH Daniel from Kögel:
Felipe kindly pointed out an XSS problem to us. Thanks to his support, we were able to solve the problem quickly.
Thank you very much Felipe, your help is highly appreciated!
@artinberlin     25 April, 2019
    Twitter artinberlin Christoph Thomessen from Kuag:
Felipe fand einen XSS Fehler in einer unserer Web-Seiten und gab uns Tipps für ein sicheres Internet. Vielen Dank.
@buerofuenf     23 April, 2019
    Twitter buerofuenf Jens from Büro 5 GmbH:
Felipe found a XSS security vulnerability in one of our customers site. We fixed it accordingly. He was very fast in answering and very supportive. Thank you very much, your help is highly appreciated! We will keep you in mind for future security checks on other websites.
@matthias_lueck     15 April, 2019
    Twitter matthias_lueck Matthias Lück from Brinkmann Audio:
Felipe found a vulnerability in our website , which we were able to fix with Felipes detailed report. He was very responsive and professional. Highly recommended!
Thank you very much Felipe!
@Majestic     22 January, 2019
    Twitter Majestic Philip Aggrey from Majestic:
Following Felipe's disclosure, we have now fixed the Reflected Cross-Site Scripting web vulnerability you discovered in our "" web-application. We'd like to thank Felipe for his prompt and professional disclosure.
@DJB31st     22 January, 2019
    Twitter DJB31st Dave Beaumont :
Found a xss issue, quickly emailed with the affected pages and links to aid resolving. Many thanks
@jddimarco     2 November, 2018
    Twitter jddimarco John DiMarco from University of Toronto Computer Science Dept:
Felipe found a XSS flaw in one of our researchers' web pages, and kindly told us about it so that we could address it. Thank you, Felipe.
@ToshiharuKuroy1     2 October, 2019
    Twitter ToshiharuKuroy1 Kuroyanagi :
Thanks to Felipe's advice, we could fix potential XSS threat.
And we appreciate his very kind and proffesional support.
Thanks a lot.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:14685
Total reports on VIP sites:18
Total patched vulnerabilities:6742
Recommendations received:36
Active since:31.05.2018
Top Security Researcher Awards:Gold Star Top Security Researcher of the Month

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Researcher Certificate

01.10.2019  #Security 100%

13.08.2019  XSSCon - XSS Tool @Kitploit

Powerfull Simple XSSScanner made with python 3.7



01.05.2019  1000's of default passwords on

01.05.2019  Fuxploider - @almandin

" Fuxploider is an open source penetration testing tool that automates the process of detecting and exploiting file upload forms flaws. This tool is able to detect the file types allowed to be uploaded and is able to detect which technique will work best to upload web shells or any malicious file on the desired web server. "

01.05.2019  Sysadminotaur

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  Recent Recommendations

@KodiMaster1     23 January, 2021
    Twitter KodiMaster1:
Good and professional report. I was a pleasure working with him!
@igucci     23 January, 2021
    Twitter igucci:
Thank you for the notification and quick & polite response.
Keep up the great work!
@randomthing4ev1     22 January, 2021
    Twitter randomthing4ev1:
Thank you for pointing out the vulnerability on our website! Very responsive.
@dtestitall     22 January, 2021
    Twitter dtestitall:
Thank you for finding the information disclosure vulnerability! Praveen was very responsive!
@hoshitabeman     21 January, 2021
    Twitter hoshitabeman:
It was very helpful for me to point out that I forgot to delete!