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rajesh_appsec | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher rajesh_appsec has already helped fix 416 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  660

Real name:
Rajesh Tewari

Contact email:
[email protected]

Alternative Contacts:

Certifications & Diplomas:
CompTIA Security

Experience in Application Security
over 5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
Bug Bounty Payments, Paypal, Swags, T-Shirt, Hall Of Fame

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@testmynet     2 October, 2020
    Twitter testmynet Damon from
Rajesh has helped me find vulnerabilities multiple times even after knowing I don't have a bounty. Very cool. Thank you for taking the time to make our internet better.
@redicius     25 February, 2019
    Twitter redicius Pavel from
Did find a XSS hole, shared it with me via openbugbounty. Did not try to blackmail me. Nice guy.
@ThomasDBending     31 July, 2022
    Twitter ThomasDBending Thomas Bending from Thomas Bending:
Thank you for finding an XSS vulnerability in my website.
@madmas     30 June, 2022
    Twitter madmas Markus from Ev. Kirchengemeinde:
Thanks to Rajesh very detailed and useful reports, we could close some very important vulnerabilities in our system. Thank you!
@WebtunGrafix     28 March, 2022
    Twitter WebtunGrafix Thomas from Webtun Grafix:
Thank you Rajesh, for finding an XSS vulnerability on our website!
@Seywald     24 February, 2022
    Twitter Seywald W.Seywald from TSP:
Many thanks Rajesh for pointing out the XSS vulnerability on our website! We appreciate your help! It was a pleasure for us to work together.
@smiteworks     11 January, 2022
    Twitter smiteworks Doug D from SmiteWorks USA LLC:
Rajesh provided additional information to further strengthen our site. He is an asset to the online community.
@darione90     15 November, 2021
    Twitter darione90 Dario from Schiaparelli:
Thanks for helping us secure our website!
@EreMaijala     24 August, 2021
    Twitter EreMaijala Ere Maijala from The National Library of Finland:
Thank you for a responsible disclosure of a vulnerability! We appreciate the fast response to a details request.
@darione90     17 June, 2021
    Twitter darione90 Dario from Società Astronomica G.V. Schiaparelli:
Thanks a lot for finding an XSS vulnerability on our website!

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Research Statistics

Total reports:1313
Total reports on VIP sites:182
Total patched vulnerabilities:416
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):38
Recommendations received:40
Active since:18.02.2019

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08.07.2022 by FR13ND0x7F
The Time Machine — Weaponizing WaybackUrls for Recon, BugBounties , OSINT, Sensitive Endpoints and what not
15.02.2022 by sepkatpro
Ultimate XSS Polyglot
11.11.2021 by mistry4592
The Most used Chrome Extensions are Used For Penetration Testing.

  Recent Recommendations

@CERT_rlp     15 August, 2022
    Twitter CERT_rlp:
The team of CERT-rlp would like to thank ShiratoriYoshi for a responsible and coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities
@luiztools     5 August, 2022
    Twitter luiztools:
Confirmo que Jonathan Fonseca (bypikeno) encontrou uma vulnerabilidade XSS em meu site, a qual está sendo providenciada a correção neste momento. Agradeço pelo aviso e disposição em ajudar.
@ThomasDBending     31 July, 2022
    Twitter ThomasDBending:
Thank you for finding an XSS vulnerability in my website.
@ThomasDBending     31 July, 2022
    Twitter ThomasDBending:
Thank you for finding an XSS vulnerability in my website.
@MrMoney84315336     26 July, 2022
    Twitter MrMoney84315336:
Thank you to @Legacy_Defender for reporting and providing prompt and courteous details on our website, leading to a quick and pain free resolution. Keep up the good work.