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kun-fly | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher kun-fly has already helped fix 1260 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  550

Real name:
Kunal Jadhav

About me:
Ethical Hacker/Bug hunter/Cyber security researcher/Pentester/../etc/

Contact email:
[email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]

DM me on Twitter - ikunaljadhav

Certifications & Diplomas:
Certified Ethical Hacker
Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
Cryptocurrency/PayPal/Payoneer, voucher, gift cards, Letter of Appreciation
& a Recommendation on my profile. :)
BTC- 3E4NoHyaTusefWvPnUc5iJKosvFKxjoqbh

Halls of Fame:
None. Not needed.

Follow me on:

Ethics and Rules:
Kunal Jadhav is required to abide by the ethics and rules of the Open Bug Bounty project. If you reasonably believe that rules are not respected, please report this to us.

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@UUCSIRT     22 February, 2021
    Twitter UUCSIRT Hans Liss from Uppsala university:
Thanks for your responsible disclosure of and XSS vulnerability on one of our webpages. It's appreciated!
@businessofdesi1     23 July, 2020
    Twitter businessofdesi1 R. Klein from Business of Design:
Kunal was able to find and alert us to the presence of a serious vulnerability in one of our Wordpress plugins. We in turn alerted the developer, who issued an update with a fix. We highly recommend Kunal as a professional and diligent ethical hacker who'll help secure your site.
@vmarci21     25 June, 2020
    Twitter vmarci21 Marton :
Thanks to finding the XSS vulnerability!
We are really appreciated your work.
@vmarci21     25 June, 2020
    Twitter vmarci21 Marton :
Thanks to finding the XSS vulnerability!
We are really appreciated your work.
@Grada48040091     24 June, 2020
    Twitter Grada48040091 Carlos Jacobs from Grada:
Appreciate you founded a XSS bug on our website. ¡Thank you very much!
@plaxiva     22 April, 2020
    Twitter plaxiva Konstantin :
Helped with finding XSS vulnerability, recommend as security specialist.
@phistrom     2 March, 2020
    Twitter phistrom Phillip from The Stromberg Group:
We really appreciate your help identifying an XSS exploit on our website. Your responsible disclosure and example URL allowed us to immediately find and correct the problem. Thank you for your hard work to make the internet a safer place.
@fitzsimons_jim     2 March, 2020
    Twitter fitzsimons_jim Jim Fitzsimons from Granite Digital:
Kunal identified an XSS vulnerability on one of our sites, communicated the issue clearly to us and helped us solve it. Excellent work from a fine researcher. Highly recommended!
@LarryParker98     26 February, 2020
    Twitter LarryParker98 Larry Parker from University at Albany:
Kunal, thank you for reporting the vulnerability on our web site. We greatly appreciate your help in securing our site.
@GeraldKjellberg     13 January, 2020
    Twitter GeraldKjellberg Frankie :
Thanks mate for finding XSS vulnerability on our website.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:4347
Total reports on VIP sites:136
Total patched vulnerabilities:1260
Recommendations received:45
Active since:08.12.2019

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  Recent Recommendations

    23 November, 2023
Grace à Hatim_cf on a pu corrigé une faille mineure de sécurité.
    22 November, 2023
On behalf of our users on one of the pages hosted at, I'd like to thank Niko for his effort in finding and responsibly reporting an XSS vuln in one of our user's sites. The XSS was quickly patched after Niko's detailed report making the web a safer place again. Thanks!
    22 November, 2023
Ronald identified an XSS vulnerability on our site which could be fixed fast. Thanks for the provided information!
    4 November, 2023
Thank you for fixing the XSS vulnerability
    13 October, 2023
I am highly recommending Sajid for web assessments and penetrating testing. Sajid was highly professional and detailed in t heir approach towards finding vulnerabilities.