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amlnspqrTop-50 VIP Open Redirect Reporter Top Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher amlnspqr has already helped fix 1858 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  610

Real name:

About me:
Frappez, entrez, rompez tout

How to contact me:
amlnspqr (at) ya (dot) ru

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@RedLeoteca     3 August, 2020
    Twitter RedLeoteca Admin from Leoteca en Red:
Thank you so much for your report.
@MonoIsCool     5 April, 2020
    Twitter MonoIsCool HellBlazer from Metal Archives:
Another clear and useful report, thanks!
@bigwavedave_ca     16 February, 2020
    Twitter bigwavedave_ca DaveB from bwd:
Thank you amlnspqr for reporting the xss bug on my website.
@UKClimbing     12 February, 2020
    Twitter UKClimbing Paul Phillips from UKClimbing:
Thanks for highlighting the XSS bug!
@vavideode     10 February, 2020
    Twitter vavideode Vavideo from Vavideo:
Thank you for making Vavideo a safer website.
@nitrc_info     18 July, 2019
    Twitter nitrc_info NITRC Team from NITRC:
Thanks to amlnsqpr for the notification with proof of concept! Easy to verify and diagnose.
@AniDBStatus     17 July, 2019
    Twitter AniDBStatus Admin from
Thank you for notifying us of an XSS vulnerability in our project
@perlpunks     16 July, 2019
    Twitter perlpunks Tina Müller from
Thanks very much for the report!
It's fixed now.
@jonny_caos     7 July, 2019
    Twitter jonny_caos Jonathan from Wine-Searcher:
Thank you amlnspqr for assisting us fix our XSS and OpenRedirect vulnerabilities and making the web a safer place. Very helpful!
@MalagaCarCom     5 July, 2019
    Twitter MalagaCarCom Ruben from
Thank you! All the vulnerabilities have been patched. Good job!

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Research Statistics

Total reports:3745
Total reports on VIP sites:836
Total patched vulnerabilities:1858
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):21
Recommendations received:37
Active since:18.02.2016
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  Recent Recommendations

@smiteworks     15 January, 2021
    Twitter smiteworks:
Rajesh was very helpful in providing information and penetration testing on our site. With this information, we were able to harden our infrastructure.
@mhmitu     15 January, 2021
    Twitter mhmitu:
Hi Praveen,
Thanks for the help with the vulnerability. Very fast and friendly contact.
@matrixrewriter     15 January, 2021
    Twitter matrixrewriter:
We had no idea that this vulnerability existed in many PHP-based websites and you kindly reported it to us. Thanks for your help and all the best for your career!
@SilensStudio     14 January, 2021
    Twitter SilensStudio:
Thank you very much for informing us about our access vulnerability! The world needs more good guys like you! A+!
@JoseLev41970568     14 January, 2021
    Twitter JoseLev41970568:
Specialist in web application penetration tester, student and passionate about computer security and ethical hacking.