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SecuNinja Top VIP Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher SecuNinja has already helped fix 3440 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  940

Real name:

About me:
nice-hat hacker :)

How to contact me:
English or German:

[email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:
CISM, CCNA and others

Experience in Application Security
3-5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
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PayPal, Vouchers, BTC, public recognition, tweets or any kind of swag

Halls of Fame:
listed on my website

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@yachtinglimited     7 January, 2020
    Twitter yachtinglimited Mike from Yachting Limited:
Many thanks for your very helpful work in identifying and responsibly reporting a security vulnerability on one of our websites SecuNinja. Your help was especially appreciated given it was the holiday period.
@belikewata     31 December, 2019
    Twitter belikewata Kelvin from dotasia:
Thank you SecuNinja for reporting our vulnerability. You were the first one to report our issue but somehow we did not see the report until a second researcher later reported the same issue and we saw your original report in the listing. The issue is now patched.
@darchenlanze     17 December, 2019
    Twitter darchenlanze Uwe from check-domain:
Thank you a lot for finding the vulnerability and your perfect support.
@phdev6     12 September, 2019
    Twitter phdev6 ph-dev from Peter Hahn:
SecuNinja found a XSS Bug on our site, thanks for reporting i responsibly!
@SelectLine_GmbH     21 August, 2019
    Twitter SelectLine_GmbH Web-Team from SelectLine Software GmbH:
Thank you, SecuNinja, for pointing out a vulnerability on one of our websites.
@CouriernetI     12 May, 2019
    Twitter CouriernetI Alexander Janussek from Couriernet GmbH:
Secuninja helped us fix the vulnerability on our website. He replied to all our emails in a very friendly, professional and patient way. He provided us all the technical details to solve the problems. Thanks a lot for that. Great job.
@cyberday_gmbh     1 April, 2019
    Twitter cyberday_gmbh DLO from CYBERDAY GmbH:
thanks for reporting
@testberichteDE     23 November, 2018
    Twitter testberichteDE Andreas S from
Hi SecuNinja, thank you very much for your information on our vulnerability! This helps us keeping our website secure.
@Tgirl_Christin     12 November, 2018
    Twitter Tgirl_Christin Christin Löhner from Akademie für Sport und Gesundheit:
Thanks to SecuNinja, who has found a vulnerability on our website. After claiming the site here on OpenBugBounty and so getting the information about the vulnerability, I was able to fix it in seconds. Thanks again, for hunting! Christin
@GeorgiHristov     10 October, 2018
    Twitter GeorgiHristov George Hristov from
Many thanks to SecuNunja for fast and helpful response about problems of our website.

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Total reports:8030
Total reports on VIP sites:377
Total patched vulnerabilities:3440
Recommendations received:69
Active since:13.03.2017
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  Recent Recommendations

@hoshitabeman     21 January, 2021
    Twitter hoshitabeman:
It was very helpful for me to point out that I forgot to delete!
@Azatotht     21 January, 2021
    Twitter Azatotht:
Thanks for pointing out a public phpinfo() on our website. A++
@vegasworld     21 January, 2021
    Twitter vegasworld:
Great Job from PRAMOD YADAV. Thanks to his advice we could fix a bug on our Website.
Thanks again!
Best wishes from Germany
@domenico     21 January, 2021
    Twitter domenico:
Thank you Pramod for pointing to the leftover .php file that shouldn't be there.
@seinemaritime     21 January, 2021
    Twitter seinemaritime:
Thank you Pramod for your report. Thank you also for the details in mail ! I recommend him !