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MrRain_1996Top-50 VIP Open Redirect Reporter Top Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher MrRain_1996 has already helped fix 1481 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  200

Real name:
Mehul Bharat Lunagariya

About me:
Web Security Researcher.
!!!! Making Web Safe and Clean !!!!

Contact email:
[email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]

Experience in Application Security
< 1 year

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
A thanks/profile recommendation will be really appreciated, but if you'd like:
# Bug Bounty ($$$)
# recommendation on my profile
# Hall Of Fame
# Sweats

Halls of Fame:

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@tinuzzehv     6 October, 2020
    Twitter tinuzzehv Martijn :
MrRain_1996 correctly identified a reflected XSS in my website, and was helpful to confirm when the issue was fixed.
@jshrc     2 October, 2020
    Twitter jshrc Josh Rice from UNL-CCFL:
Mehul was quick to respond and provided thorough information on how to reproduce the security issue. Thanks!
@kushidat     18 August, 2020
    Twitter kushidat Tatsuya Kushida from RIKEN BRC:
Thank you so much for suggesting the vulnerability. The prompt and detailed response helped solve the issues.
@h_ono     8 June, 2020
    Twitter h_ono h_ono from DBCLS:
Thank you a lot for the information and the support of fixing the issue on our website.
Your report was very kindful and we are very grateful for it.
@haraldbro     2 June, 2020
    Twitter haraldbro Harald from Stikk:
Thank you for helping us identify an XSS. The description of the vulnerability was clear and allowed us to make a fix quickly.
@rundumsbaby     13 May, 2020
    Twitter rundumsbaby rundumsbaby from rundumsbaby:
Thank you very much for pointing out the XSS vulnerability, and your quick reply to let us know where it was.
@astroseekcom     29 April, 2020
    Twitter astroseekcom Petr9 from
Thank you for XSS vulnerability report.
@giroud_francois     18 February, 2020
    Twitter giroud_francois Giroud from WebLettres:
Thanks for notifying flaw, and for the answers ! Your support on fixing the issues was helpful... Friendly contact.
@CzParabola     10 February, 2020
    Twitter CzParabola Martin from -:
Thank you very much for the XSS vulnerability report and quick communication. A true security professional :)
@MarqueBretagne     13 December, 2019
    Twitter MarqueBretagne Marque Bretagne from BDI:
Thank you a lot for your report. We were able to fix it quickly.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:4188
Total reports on VIP sites:579
Total patched vulnerabilities:1481
Recommendations received:12
Active since:22.05.2019
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  Recent Recommendations

@MrMoney84315336     16 April, 2021
    Twitter MrMoney84315336:
Serious, fast and professional.Thanks for the report.
@lmanunza     15 April, 2021
    Twitter lmanunza:
The Researcher found an XSS vulnerability in our site and acted ethically by reporting it to us, so we could fix it in a timely manner. Thank you!
@studentdoctor     14 April, 2021
    Twitter studentdoctor:
Rngdr4 is an absolute professional. Very helpful in finding and helping to resolve our bug. Highly recommended! Thanks, rngdr4!
@lmanunza     13 April, 2021
    Twitter lmanunza:
Pooja found an XSS vulnerability in our website and acted ethically by reporting it to us, as well as providing all the information we needed to reproduce and fix the issue in a timely manner. Thank you very much!
@MrMoney84315336     13 April, 2021
    Twitter MrMoney84315336:
Thank you for reporting the XSS issue.
Thanks to the detailed report, we were able to fix the problem on the same day.