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Marc_Angio | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher Marc_Angio has already helped fix 209 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  80

Real name:
Marco Angione

About me:
Founder of #DarkSoloNetwork community #SecurityResearcher #SysAdmin #Pentester #Maker #DigitalForensic
FROM Italy

Contact email:
Email - marco[dot]angione[at]protonmail[dot]com
LinkedIn -
Twitter -
WikrMe - marcangio

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:

Hall of Fame, Recommendations, Gadgets, T-Shirt, Nerd stuff and BugBounty (GiftCard, Amazon,etc) is accepted.
BUT if you have any idea of other methods contact me :)

Follow me on:

Ethics and Rules:
Marco Angione is required to abide by the ethics and rules of the Open Bug Bounty project. If you reasonably believe that rules are not respected, please report this to us.

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@Cineca1969     2 May, 2018
    Twitter Cineca1969 Security team from Cineca:
Thank you Marc. Your finding and reporting was very useful. Keep up the good work: responsible disclosure is such an important asset for the community!
@dcpwebdesigners     13 September, 2018
    Twitter dcpwebdesigners Pankaj Shah from DCP:
Many thanks Marco for your help. Without your help I would not have found issues and fixed. Keep you the amazing work :)
@AndreaPastore5     7 June, 2018
    Twitter AndreaPastore5 Andrea from Heliac Technologies:
Marco ha segnalato importanti vulnerabilità di Geecom, un cms open source sviluppato in php. Le sue segnalazioni sono state fondamentali per la crescita del progetto e la sua precisione professionalità ci ha aiutati a risolvere rapidamente alcune criticità.
@EKestenholz     22 March, 2018
    Twitter EKestenholz Enrico from Ticinonline SA:
Fast and professional, helped us to signal and fix quickly all the issues we had.
@fishonlus     22 March, 2018
    Twitter fishonlus Francesco from FISH Onlus:
Marco ci ha segnalato alcune vulnerabilità nei nostri siti e, quando lo abbiamo ricontattato per chiedere maggiori dettagli, ha prontamente risposto fornendoci le informazioni necessarie per permetterci di correggere i problemi.
@icelab_eu     15 March, 2018
    Twitter icelab_eu Loris Genetti from IceLab:
Le segnalazioni di Marco sono state molto utili per migliorare la sicurezza dei miei siti web. Ricercatore competente, affidabile e consigliato.
@adivaon     4 March, 2018
    Twitter adivaon Vincenzo Palmieri from ADIVA:
Grazie Marco per le tue preziose segnalazioni utili
ad evitare scenari pericolosi per la sicurezza dei miei siti web.
OpenBugBounty è un servizio utilissimo che segnalerò ad altre webagency.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:686
Total reports on VIP sites:37
Total patched vulnerabilities:209
Recommendations received:7
Active since:21.02.2018

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  Recent Recommendations

@TiagoGuedesEGo1     20 June, 2022
    Twitter TiagoGuedesEGo1:
shashank_bhure made us aware of several security vulnerabilities that represented security flaws of several degrees and needed to be rectified.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we can work again in the future, Thank you!
@TiagoGuedesEGo1     15 June, 2022
    Twitter TiagoGuedesEGo1:
Hardik_850 made us aware of several security vulnerabilities that represented security flaws of several degrees and needed to be rectified.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we can work again in the future, Thank you!
@DeBuecher     3 June, 2022
    Twitter DeBuecher:
Peter was of good help
@salmankhan2016     26 May, 2022
    Twitter salmankhan2016:
thanyou security_helper5
@securityhelper5     26 May, 2022
    Twitter securityhelper5:
thank you for report