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EzioPagliaTop-50 VIP Open Redirect Reporter Top Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher EzioPaglia has already helped fix 1679 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  770

Real name:
Ezio Paglia

About me:
My name is Ezio Paglia, I was born in Roccastrada (Grosseto) on December 1st 1959, I live in Grosseto (a town in the south of Tuscany - Italy), where I work as a system administrator for the data centre of the municipality. I have been dealing with security for some years.

How to contact me:
mailto : [email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
mailto : [email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:
Computer Science - University of Pisa ( Italy ) - Laurea in 1984 - 110 e lode

Experience in Application Security
3-5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
Recommendations on Linkedin
Recommendations on OBB
Books (from my Amazon wish list or any (e)book the web owner wishes to donate

Halls of Fame:
FastWeb, Altervista, At&t, Telecom Italia, Siemens, Chemnitz Univ, Bosch

Recommendations and Acknowledgements | Full List:

@w3c_systeam     24 November, 2020
    Twitter w3c_systeam Systems Team from W3C:
Thank you for your report. We fixed the issue.
@jshrc     6 October, 2020
    Twitter jshrc Josh Rice from UNL-CCFL:
Thanks for reporting this issue, and for being so responsive!
@rundumsbaby     4 September, 2020
    Twitter rundumsbaby rundumsbaby from rundumsbaby:
Thank you very much for the report. Very helpful.
@cyberday_gmbh     27 August, 2020
    Twitter cyberday_gmbh CYBERDAY from CYBERDAY:
thx for reporting xss issue
@NewLineHorizon1     3 August, 2019
    Twitter NewLineHorizon1 Melisa from NewLineHorizon:

Thanks for participating in responsible disclosure program.
The reports you submitted were extremely helpful to our team and provided us the details we needed to resolve the issues that you identified.
We are deeply committed to provide a safe and secure experience to our users and are therefore grateful for your efforts to help us improve our services.

Best Regards!
@aboros     13 June, 2019
    Twitter aboros Boris from Officeshoes:
Good find! Thank you
@wirismath     28 May, 2019
    Twitter wirismath Marketing & Communications from WIRIS MATH:
We want to thank EzioPaglia for detecting a security issue in one of our websites. He provided us details and gave us online support. We fixed the vulnerability with his valuable help ;)
@ziduniwien     28 May, 2019
    Twitter ziduniwien Computer Center from University of Vienna:
Dear EzioPaglia,

The University of Vienna would like to thank you for your valuable contribution in finding multiple website security issues. Your input is highly welcome and helps to raise the security level of our educational institution.

Servus and greetings from Vienna, Austria.
@enejcz     27 May, 2019
    Twitter enejcz Arkadiusz from
EzioPaglia found xss vulnerability on our website. We have fixed the issue. Thank you for your report!
@Admeus     23 May, 2019
    Twitter Admeus Dani from Soa:
EzioPaglia discovered a XSS breach in our site, thanks to him was resolved.
@LancasterUniSOC     20 May, 2019
    Twitter LancasterUniSOC John from LU:
Thank you very much for reporting the issue, it is greatly appreciated.
@CMCM_Webdesign     8 May, 2019
    Twitter CMCM_Webdesign Christopher from CMCM:
Thanks a lot for reporting the XSS vulnerability and providing an example, so I could easily see the problem and fix it. Very much appreciated!
@vinceverbruggen     4 May, 2019
    Twitter vinceverbruggen Vincent from Undisclosed:
Thank you for notifying us about the XSS vulnerability you found on one of our websites and the quick response in order for us to resolve the issue.
@CoolgearLabs     2 May, 2019
    Twitter CoolgearLabs Caleb from USBGear:
Thanks for the report and quick responses.
@AniDBStatus     21 April, 2019
    Twitter AniDBStatus AniDB from AniDB:
Thank you for reporting this bug. We appreciate your work!
@watergateweb     15 April, 2019
    Twitter watergateweb Alexios Tsiaparas from Watergate:
Another XSS vulnerability found, thanks a lot!
@evergreen_uk     27 March, 2019
    Twitter evergreen_uk Andrew from Evergreen:
Thanks Ezio, it's been a pleasure to deal with you.
@giroud_francois     27 March, 2019
    Twitter giroud_francois Giroud from WebLettres:
Thanks a lot for reporting, and helping ! Ezio is professional, he answers fast and seems to be a true gentleman ;)
@diogenesverlag     25 March, 2019
    Twitter diogenesverlag Susanne from Diogenes Verlag:
Thank you very much for reporting, you helped us a lot - fixed.
@rogerdc01     19 March, 2019
    Twitter rogerdc01 Roger from WEBenz:
Ezio has helped me with a vulnerability. Answered very fast after some questions and showed the way to examine the issue. Very professional!
@_light_dem     4 March, 2019
    Twitter _light_dem Matteo from
Professional, responds quickly, has helped us on more than one occasion
@despegar_appsec     23 February, 2019
    Twitter despegar_appsec Eliel from
Ezio is extremely professional. The information provided was precise and we had no problem to fix the vulnerability reported. Thanks for helping us making our website more secure.
@michael_eckel     20 February, 2019
    Twitter michael_eckel Michael Eckel from Michael Eckel IT:
Thank you very much for helping me discover and fix several XSS vulnerabilities.
@cyberday_gmbh     18 February, 2019
    Twitter cyberday_gmbh DLO from CYBERDAY GmbH:
thanks for reporting again
@fisher_of_men11     11 February, 2019
    Twitter fisher_of_men11 Andy from
Thank you again, another XSS vulnerability found and fixed!
@dsmithgard     11 February, 2019
    Twitter dsmithgard Dan Smith from Patton Electronics:
Responsive and very helpful in getting my issue patched.
@fisher_of_men11     9 February, 2019
    Twitter fisher_of_men11 Andy from
Thank you for helping us discover an XSS vulnerability on mudconnect!
@cyberday_gmbh     8 February, 2019
    Twitter cyberday_gmbh DLO from CYBERDAY GmbH:
thanks for reporting
@wimo_de     4 February, 2019
    Twitter wimo_de Ekki Plicht from WiMo Antennen und Elektronik GmbH:
Thanks for pointing out yet another vulnerability :) Fixed.
@ClementBourgoin     26 January, 2019
    Twitter ClementBourgoin Clément Bourgoin from Biblys:
Thanks for warning be about another XSS vulnerability.
@laufpix     18 January, 2019
    Twitter laufpix laufpix from laufpix:
Thanks for helping us making our website more secure.
@MatthiasCramer     14 January, 2019
    Twitter MatthiasCramer Crami from FreeStone:
Competent and fast communication, thanks for notifining me about my XSS problem.
@ClementBourgoin     12 January, 2019
    Twitter ClementBourgoin Clément from Biblys:
Thanks for warning me about a XSS vulnerability.
@WritingCom     30 December, 2018
    Twitter WritingCom Owner from Writing.Com:
Thank you! OBB-715982 is patched. Have a happy new year!

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@FabriceMarchon     4 December, 2020
    Twitter FabriceMarchon:
Thank you to HowardPotts.
He provided us some useful information about a potential security problem on our main website through openbugbounty.
We wouldn't have found it without his help. Thankfully it was an easy fix.
@CERT_rlp     3 December, 2020
    Twitter CERT_rlp:
The team of CERT-rlp would like to thank H_chabik for a responsible and coordinated disclosure of multiple XSS vulnerabilities
@VMarvvy     3 December, 2020
    Twitter VMarvvy:
Thank you for reporting the bug and providing detail to fix it.
@obb_wr     2 December, 2020
    Twitter obb_wr:
Thanks Cyber_India for reporting the issue and for your prompt & friendly response.
@schelle85     2 December, 2020
    Twitter schelle85:
Thank you for your Report. We have fixed it.