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DonkeyJJLove Top VIP Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher DonkeyJJLove has already helped fix 520 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  110

Real name:
Sebastian Wieremiejczyk

About me:
SEC Monkey, geek &pentester, &whitehat, &programmer, &devop (linux)

^_X __(yap, yap)

How to contact me:
[email protected]

Experience in Application Security
over 5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
$, Recommendations and Acknowledgements, Gifts, Flance job(z), hot-dog'z, sex4bug'Z &more
If you can not decide, choose paypal :D

Follow me on:

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@nazwapl     4 November, 2016
    Twitter nazwapl Mariusz from
We really appreciate DonkeyJJLove’s involvement in improving the security of our website; The data provided by DonkeyJJLove has allowed us to patch up some bugs. Thank you!
@MacDadaPL     12 October, 2016
    Twitter MacDadaPL Dawid from Monster Media Group:
Thank you for your contribution to safer web! DonkeyJJLove is a talented and responsible person – he provided us with much help to secure our website. Thanks again! Keep up the good work :)
@smoonycc     26 September, 2016
    Twitter smoonycc Stone from Asustek IT:
We appreciate the combination of all your professional and contribution, we believe your dedication is essential to
improve the security of Asustek website.
@DrNedstam     6 September, 2016
    Twitter DrNedstam Josef Nedstam from IKEA IT:
Donkey provided professional help and we are grateful for the discovery of these unfortunate vulnerabilities. Don't hesitate to contact this researcher if your site has reported issues
@imsonico     29 August, 2016
    Twitter imsonico Nasty Nick from Tube8:
Got a report from Donkey, it was detailed and helped us to identify and cover the issue.

The vulnerability has been responsibly disclosed.
@CSO_RASP     3 February, 2018
    Twitter CSO_RASP CSO from RASP:
Thanks to DonkeyJJLove for pointing out our mistakes
@phylaxpl     10 July, 2017
    Twitter phylaxpl Łukasz Nowicki from
Thank you very much, for your help.
Raport was very detailes and allowed me to fix the problem.
Thank you very much again, great work!
@Andrew28331495     28 November, 2016
    Twitter Andrew28331495 Andrew from
Thanks to DonkeyJJLove!
He found out even the smallest threats and helps the community to make Web safer!
Respect and thanks!
@gserralta     1 November, 2016
    Twitter gserralta GastonS from Infobae:
Thank You DonkeyJJLove for the input received on the bug your reported and the heads up. Keep helping community.
@pippoppo     11 September, 2016
    Twitter pippoppo pippoppo from repubblica:
I'd like to thank DonkeyJJLove here for his truly appreciated work. He helped us to find some XSSes we could catch before

thanks a lot

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Research Statistics

Total reports:1039
Total reports on VIP sites:294
Total patched vulnerabilities:520
Recommendations received:11
Active since:12.07.2016
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  Recent Recommendations

@rantoniazzi     19 January, 2021
    Twitter rantoniazzi:
Thanks for pointing out a public phpinfo(). Very fast contact.
@driesvanhaver     19 January, 2021
    Twitter driesvanhaver:
We were informed of a vulnerability. Thank you to Praveen for telling us it existed.
@snowdarkz     19 January, 2021
    Twitter snowdarkz:
Thank you very much for the help with the vulnerability. Very fast contact.
@Cazz0r     19 January, 2021
    Twitter Cazz0r:
Massive thanks for Warbid for his vulnerability report sent directly to us! Thanks for making the web a safer place!
@CahEmiliano     18 January, 2021
    Twitter CahEmiliano:
Pramod is an excelent professional. He answer very quickly and help us to fix a security issue.
I recommend his skills and knowledge, he is a great cybersecurity expert.