Report Email Alerts Open Bug Bounty: 203,370 coordinated disclosures
Total Vulnerabilities Fixed: 96,948
186,334 vulnerable websites, 17,612 VIP websites
4,530 security researchers, 5,851 notification subscribers

Top Security Researchers Last Month

All Time Last Month

This section is dedicated to cybersecurity professionals who are the leading Open Bug Bounty security researchers. By reporting security vulnerabilities via coordinated and responsible disclosure to website owners, they help making World Wide Web a safer place and reduce cybercrime against the website users.

TOP-50 Researchers

Security Researcher Helped Patch
103 vulnerabilities
49 vulnerabilities
38 vulnerabilities
18 vulnerabilities
17 vulnerabilities
16 vulnerabilities
16 vulnerabilities
13 vulnerabilities
12 vulnerabilities
10 vulnerabilities

TOP-50 VIP Researchers

Security Researcher Helped Patch
14 vulnerabilities
10 vulnerabilities