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srilaxmi | Security Researcher Profile

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Email-id [email protected]

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Email-id [email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:
cyber security and ethical hacking training certification and internship experience.

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< 1 year

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Total reports:9
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):9
Active since:14.09.2020

No posts in blog yet

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Cross Site Scripting
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Cross Site Scripting
On Hold
Cross Site Scripting
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Cross Site Scripting
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On Hold
Cross Site Scripting
On Hold
Cross Site Scripting
On Hold
Cross Site Scripting
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Cross Site Scripting

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DDOS Using SQL injection (SiDDOS)
05.10.2020 by _r00t1ng_
XSS Injection with SQLi
14.09.2020 by aninda_anon
VPS Cheatsheet for bug hunting
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  Recent Recommendations

@vadus     19 October, 2020
    Twitter vadus:
Warbid helped disclose several vulnerabilities on our website. With his help, we were able to patch this issue and close up the vulnerability. Thank you very much for your help, and thank you for helping to make the web a safer place.
@pagel     18 October, 2020
    Twitter pagel:
Many thanks to cyberaz0r for pointing out a css vulnerability on our site. He was very pleasant to deal with and shared his knowledge openly.
@amswebs     16 October, 2020
    Twitter amswebs:
Thank you for your help with this XSS vulnerability. We appreciate the responsible reporting via openbugbounty.
@xlaunay     16 October, 2020
    Twitter xlaunay:
Thank you for identifying and reporting a vulnerability on our site.
@NinjaLingo     16 October, 2020
    Twitter NinjaLingo:
Juampa helped us to fix a XSS vulnerability on our site. His description of the issue was very clear and helped a lot. He is very good to work with and was available for questions.

Unfortunately (for him) he is very fast and efficient. Let me explain: He contacted us directly after finding the vulnerability and we fixed it (with his help) before openbugbounty could confirm it. So this might not be in his openbugbounty profile.

I'm hoping he finds more vulnerabilities on our site, as it was a good experience working with him.

Founder of Lingo Ninja