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singhnitesh21 | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher singhnitesh21 has already helped fix 245 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  150

Real name:
Nitesh Singh

How to contact me:
[email protected]

Experience in Application Security
< 1 year

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
I prefer :
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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@notedekd     28 October, 2020
    Twitter notedekd Waroros from Dek-D:
Thank for the detail reporting.
@kitnospt     22 September, 2020
    Twitter kitnospt kitnospt from Hijiffy:
Thanks for all the help and detailed reporting
@wall26com     3 September, 2020
    Twitter wall26com Wall26 from Wall26:
Thanks for reporting the wordpress user disclosure issue. Good work!
@zaikoio     28 August, 2020
    Twitter zaikoio Zaiko from Zaiko:
Great work. Thank you for the thorough report.
@StefanCink     6 August, 2020
    Twitter StefanCink Stefan Cink from Net at Work:
Thanks to @singhnitesh21 we were able to close a vulnerability on our website asap. Thank you!
@LeahBecerra     26 June, 2020
    Twitter LeahBecerra Leah from Nieman Foundation:
Thanks, @singhnitesh21, for getting my attention and disclosing a vulnerability that needed a fix on our site! When I reached out for more info, your response was quick and gave the information we needed to patch the issue.
@duocirclellc     8 May, 2020
    Twitter duocirclellc Brad from Duo Circle:
Thank you to @singhnitesh21 for your responsible disclosure. It was an easy to implement remediation. Appreciate the approach you took by using the open bug bounty system.
@darcyf1     2 May, 2020
    Twitter darcyf1 Darcy from DarcyF1:
Provided a pointer that a directory with scripts was browsable because of an .htaccess misconfiguration which led to a quick resolution - thank you!
@jds88y     8 April, 2020
    Twitter jds88y Jason Sadler from GeoData Institute, University of Southampton:
Thank you to @singhnitesh21 for reporting and providing prompt and courteous details of a bug on our website, leading to a quick and pain free resolution. Keep up the good work.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:358
Total reports on VIP sites:83
Total patched vulnerabilities:245
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):48
Recommendations received:9
Active since:20.03.2020

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Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting

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  Recent Recommendations

@benskiddle     30 October, 2020
    Twitter benskiddle:
Great disclosure of an SQL injection bug with good details to replicate the issue. Thank you.
@MizoueShumpei     29 October, 2020
    Twitter MizoueShumpei:
Thank you very much for your help.
@adridder     28 October, 2020
    Twitter adridder:
Thank you for your help with this XSS vulnerability on our site. We appreciate the responsible reporting via openbugbounty.
@gaborvitez     28 October, 2020
    Twitter gaborvitez:
Ajaysen R found a reflected cross site scripting bug in one of our cgi scripts, this way he helped us improve the security of our website. He was really fast to react, working with him was really a pleasure. We are grateful for the issues he made us aware of.
@Jobe1986     28 October, 2020
    Twitter Jobe1986:
Thank you for your efforts and reporting the XSS vulnerability you found on my website.