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mistry4592 | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher mistry4592 has already helped fix 2070 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  210

Real name:
chirag mistry

About me:
I Am Whitehat Security Researcher, Bug Bounty Hunter.

I encourage you to contact me ASAP so we can work together to quickly protect your users! All communication will be kept private.

Note:- If You Fixed your Website Vulnerability, Please Don't Forget To Give Me Recommendations and Acknowledgements In My Open Bug Bounty Profile. Link below.

Contact email:
Whatsapp : 91 9699319971 Email : [email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]
[email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:
Certified ethical hacker
mile2 certified penetration tester engineer
Bachelor of Commerce.

Experience in Application Security
3-5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
You can transfer the amount directly to my Paypal account
- EMail- [email protected]

- Amazone wishlist
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- Benefits Gifts
- Swag (T-Shirt, Cups, e

Halls of Fame:
More than 10

Chirag Mistry

Follow me on:

Recommendations and Acknowledgements | Full List:

@xnih     18 October, 2021
    Twitter xnih Eric from Boise State University:
Thanks to mistry4592 for his report and extra feedback on the issue. He was quick to provide us a link to reproduce the issue when asked!
@AdmissionStats     27 June, 2021
    Twitter AdmissionStats Grahame Evans from
Thank you mistry4592 for identifying and helping us fix an XSS vulnerability on our website.
@theater_muc     2 November, 2021
    Twitter theater_muc EDV from Deutsches Theater Muenchen:
We have been provided with information about a sensitive information disclosure problem.

After receiving the additional details of the vulnerability, we were able to quickly fix the problem.

Thank you for your help!
@youslippin     2 November, 2021
    Twitter youslippin Pablo Hernandez from AMTG:
Thanks to Chiraq for pointing out publicly accessible logs.
@mar_pstu     21 October, 2021
    Twitter mar_pstu mar_pstu from Pryazovskyi State Technical University:
Thanks to Chiraq for reporting the issue on our site and for providing additional security information. Thanks to Chiraq, the problem was resolved in time.
@dhh0815     20 October, 2021
    Twitter dhh0815 dhh0815 from Fastbolt:
Thanks for your report and feedback. Quick, polite and professional communication!
@LangweileDich     20 October, 2021
    Twitter LangweileDich Maik from LwDn:
Thanks to Chiraq for informing me about data that was publicy accessible and how to fix it.
@sammy2000m     20 October, 2021
    Twitter sammy2000m sanket :
Thanks to mistry4592
our team would like to thank you for finding vulnerability on our website.
@vinitbhoir543     15 October, 2021
    Twitter vinitbhoir543 Lucky from luck:
Our team would like to thank you for finding vulnerability on our website.
@LotusDrak     7 September, 2021
    Twitter LotusDrak darkDevil* from *:
Thnks For Help Me In Xss
@Kunal72366614     7 September, 2021
    Twitter Kunal72366614 Kunal_makwawana from *:
Thanks for help me in xss
@vinitbhoir543     7 September, 2021
    Twitter vinitbhoir543 LuCkYtRaCeR from *:
Thanks For Reporting The XSS Vulnerability & For giving Detail Report.
@Vignesh30442758     7 September, 2021
    Twitter Vignesh30442758 Irronhead from *:
Thanks a lot mistry for identifying the vulnerabilities XSS and informed us quickly. He has also checked our fix after release in production. Great security researcher and passionate to work with. Great good work!
@LOVD     7 July, 2021
    Twitter LOVD Ivo Fokkema from LOVD:
Chiraq Mistry (mistry4592) identified an XSS vulnerability in our website as well as our software and provided a clear report on the matter so action could quickly be taken.
@TyCooper6     2 July, 2021
    Twitter TyCooper6 Ty Cooper from OGE:
Express appreciation to Chiraq Mistry (mistry4592) for identifying and reporting a Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability on our website. During the course of researching and mitigating the reported vulnerability, we were able to improve the overall security posture of our website.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:4074
Total reports on VIP sites:229
Total patched vulnerabilities:2070
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):496
Recommendations received:15
Active since:20.05.2020
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26.08.2021 by PyaePhyoThu98
eG Manager v7.1.2: Improper Access Control lead to Remote Code Execution (CVE-2020-8591)
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Interview With Open Bug Bounty
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  Recent Recommendations

@smiteworks     11 January, 2022
    Twitter smiteworks:
Rajesh provided additional information to further strengthen our site. He is an asset to the online community.
@NVAccess     5 January, 2022
    Twitter NVAccess:
Raviakp1004 found an XSS vulnerability on our website and acted ethically by reporting it to us. Information we needed to reproduce the issue was provided, allowing us to fix it promptly. Thank you for your report.
@TiagoGuedesEGo1     3 January, 2022
    Twitter TiagoGuedesEGo1:
Miguel Santareno made us aware of several security vulnerabilities across several sections of our platform needed to be rectified due to them being a security risk.

It was a pleasure working with him and I hope we can work again in the future, Thank you!
@everlats     3 January, 2022
    Twitter everlats:
Thanks a lot for your help to fix some bugs, your solutions were great.
I highly recommend Sajid!
@Web2Generators     3 January, 2022
    Twitter Web2Generators:
Thanks for your helpful report and for helping make the web safer!