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kongwenbin | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher kongwenbin has already helped fix 106 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  40

Real name:
Kong Wen Bin

About me:
Hello there! I am a security researcher from Singapore. I hunt for bugs during my own free time to learn and become better in my skills and expertise towards web security.

I report any identified bugs to organisations around the world, free of charge! It is my way of contributing towards a safer internet. :)

NOTE #1: I DO NOT USE ANY INTRUSIVE TOOLS. Only Firefox web browser and my brain.

NOTE #2: All of my reports have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my employer in any possible ways.

How to contact me:
If I reported a bug on your website, please reach out to me via Twitter (Direct Message is Open to all) so that we can fix it together to protect your users.

Alternative Contacts:
Once again, please contact me directly to fix the bugs.

Experience in Application Security
1-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
To reward me for my effort (optional):
- Coffee money (any amount to
- Write a Recommendation on my profile (it's free!)
- Hall of Fame
- Acknowledgement Letter

Halls of Fame:
Over 50 organisations have already officially acknowledged my effort in one of the ways mentioned above and I appreciate it! It was an honor working with them!

Follow me on:

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    17 May, 2018
     nidapo5 Nick Porter from 5th Dunstable Scout Group:
@kongwenbin has been very helpful in finding two vulnerabilities on our website, and reporting them clearly and promptly, so they could be fixed. Thank you!
    7 May, 2018
     kevag_telekom Diana Guenzel from KEVAG Telekom:
Thank you @kongwenbin for your PoC and good work!
    17 December, 2017
     ISOatUO Jim Cheetham from University of Otago:
Thanks to @kongwenbin, who very quickly sent a clear PoC that identified the vulnerability.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:209
Total reports on VIP sites:19
Total patched vulnerabilities:106
Recommendations received:3
Active since:26.09.2017

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Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting
Open Redirect

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  Recent Recommendations

    2 June, 2020
Thank you for making the web a better place. Professional and helpful contact.
    2 June, 2020
Thanks for reporting the vulnerability, and the detailed explanation of the mechanism and possible effects. This really contibuted to a quick resolution, the site developer exactly knew where to find and how t fix the issue.

All fixed, many thanks
    2 June, 2020
Thank you very much for reporting a problem on our website and help with giving detailed description and explanations on how we could solve it.
    1 June, 2020
Thanks Aaryan for reporting the vulnerability about xxs.
We will soon fix the problem
    31 May, 2020
Brilliant detection of two devious vulnerabilities, with clear explanations which meant I was able to fix both of them very quickly. Many many thanks