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iamD345 | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher iamD345 has already helped fix 359 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  340

Real name:

How to contact me:
mail: [email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:

Experience in Application Security
< 1 year

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
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Halls of Fame:
* optimizely
* trello
* healthunlocked

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@brosoft     12 October, 2020
    Twitter brosoft Martin from Credible:
Thank you for your help. We appreciate the responsible reporting and the re-testing it once we patched it. :)
@vadus     10 October, 2020
    Twitter vadus Vadim from
Sohail found a security problems we didn't think we could have. Thanks for helping, keep the Internet secure!
@lorenzoherrera     9 October, 2020
    Twitter lorenzoherrera Loren from Litmind:
He found an XSS bug on our site that slipped through our controls, thanks to him our users are now more secure, and he's earned his place in our Hall of fame: Thank you!
@TristanGuiheux     9 October, 2020
    Twitter TristanGuiheux tristanguiheux from LA POSTE:
iamD345 has helped us to find and fix some issues on web sites we're protecting. This kind of help is always appreciated from a security perspective. This way we can improve ourselves and protect our customers. Thanks again in my name.
@testmynet     29 September, 2020
    Twitter testmynet Damon from
Very helpful researcher found a XSS issue that others didn't see.
@trippingflags     24 September, 2020
    Twitter trippingflags dave f from RGU:
Thanks for highlighting this issue for us and also for re-testing it once we patched it. :)
@notedekd     14 September, 2020
    Twitter notedekd Waroros from Dek-D:
Thank you for reporting XSS vulnerability on my website.
@alanfreed88     9 September, 2020
    Twitter alanfreed88 Alan Freedman from Computer Language Company:
Thank you for your notifying us. We hardened the site to prevent the type of XSS you brought to our attention. Keep up the good work!!!
@stefanomora     9 September, 2020
    Twitter stefanomora Stefano from
Great help, great kindness, great job!
Thank you very much
@MitsuhashiN     9 September, 2020
    Twitter MitsuhashiN Nobutaka Mitsuhashi from NBDC:
Thank you for reporting my website vulnerability. Provide useful information, and easy to fix.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:519
Total reports on VIP sites:118
Total patched vulnerabilities:359
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):7
Recommendations received:23
Active since:16.01.2019

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  Recent Recommendations

@_lhordd     3 March, 2021
    Twitter _lhordd:
Thanks for helping me with the flaws in my site. The best work i’ve ever seen.
@_Kkommi     3 March, 2021
    Twitter _Kkommi:
Thanks for reporting xss in my site.
@_Kkommi     3 March, 2021
    Twitter _Kkommi:
@CERT_rlp     1 March, 2021
    Twitter CERT_rlp:
The team of CERT-rlp would like to thank Cyber_India for a responsible and coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities.
@CERT_rlp     1 March, 2021
    Twitter CERT_rlp:
The team of CERT-rlp would like to thank Cyber_India for a responsible and coordinated disclosure of vulnerabilities