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geeknik Top Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher geeknik has already helped fix 989 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  70

Real name:
Brian Carpenter, Geeknik Labs

About me:
We are a small unaffiliated research lab operating out of the rural farmland of Oklahoma. Our primary mission is to make the Internet safer for everyone, near and far.

We provide the following services:
Offensive Security Research
Physical Penetration Testing
Endpoint Monitoring
Threat Assessments
Software QA (C, Cpp, Perl, PHP, Python, Go)

How to contact me:
Brian Carpenter - Principal Researcher
All communication will be kept private.

Alternative Contacts:
If we fail to respond via email, please contact us on Twitter: @geeknik

Certifications & Diplomas:
High school graduates and college dropouts.

Experience in Application Security
over 5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
If you're feeling generous:


BTC: 34Ge92eujtx8KDzy7m14v7eQzgNoAUc7nk

Amazon Gift Cards:

A job: Available for full/part time and contract.

Halls of Fame:
Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, OpenSSL, PHP, Perl, Mapbox, andd on and on and on... An additional 50 CVE have been assigned by MITRE based upon my bug reports.

Follow me on:

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    14 May, 2019
     wirismath Sonia Gago from WIRIS MATH:
Hello, @geeknik! We want to thank you for your vulnerabity report. Thanks to your information and collaboration, we could fix a security issue in one of our websites. Great job!
    9 April, 2019
     mardigr Mardi from Higher Education:
Brian notified us responsibly in relation to an issue with one of our websites. Upon seeking further information, his response was prompt and thorough. I see one if his goals is to 'to help make the Internet safer for everyone, near and far'. He is certainly doing this, thank you Brian!
    5 April, 2019
     tropicaljeremy Jeremy C from Montessori Services:
Brian notified us of a vulnerability, responding immediately via email with further details, so we could remedy it. Professional and clear communication. No expectation of payment. He's one of the GOOD guys!
    25 March, 2019
     jleproust Julien L from Diwi:
Brian has responsibly reported a misconfiguration on one of my servers that could have led to sensitive information disclosure. He clearly and quickly explained the issue and its potential implications, and made it clear he did not expect anything for this.

Brian is a true internet hero, we need more people like Geeknik. Thanks a lot for making the internet safer.

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  Recent Recommendations

    17 May, 2019
Thank you for reporting XSS vulnerability. Great work!
    17 May, 2019
Thanks k0t for reporting XSS vulnerability on our website!
    16 May, 2019
Thanks again for telling us of a XSS vulnerability in a timely and responsible manner, so we could get it fixed.
    16 May, 2019
This person's report was accurate and allowed us to implement a fix quickly. Thank you!
    16 May, 2019
Gh05tPT found a XSS vulnerability on our website, which was promptly resolve with his help. Really good communication and sympathy. Thanks