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Security researcher geeknik has already helped fix 229 vulnerabilities.

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Independent security research lab, making the Internet a safer place for everyone, one IP address at a time...

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All communication will be kept private.

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If I fail to respond via email, please contact me on Twitter: @geeknik

Experience in Application Security
over 5 years

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Google, Mozilla, Yahoo, OpenSSL, PHP, Perl, Mapbox, andd on and on and on... An additional 47 CVE have been assigned by MITRE based upon my bug reports.

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Total reports:776
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Total patched vulnerabilities:229
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):445
Active since:14.07.2015
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Cross Site Scripting

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    22 March, 2019
Thank you for your time and notification.
    19 March, 2019
Ezio has helped me with a vulnerability. Answered very fast after some questions and showed the way to examine the issue. Very professional!
    19 March, 2019
Thank you k0t for reporting this bug. We appreciate your work!
    19 March, 2019
Armin, vielen Dank für deine professionelle Unterstützung! Dank deiner Hilfe, konnten wir die Schwachstelle bei unserem Kunden direkt beheben.
    18 March, 2019
Un grand merci pour votre aide. Suite à votre retour rapide et précis la faille a été corrigée rapidement par nos équipes.