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febin_rev | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher febin_rev has already helped fix 24 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  130

Real name:

About me:
Passionate hacker, security researcher and a bug hunter. Working hard for knowledge and to improve myself.

PayPal :

[email protected]

Contact email:
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 91 8270920043

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:
Fortinet nse 1,2
CyberArk trustee
Linux administration
Autopsy forensics

Experience in Application Security
1-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
Money , Accessories , Thanks , recommendation. Anything You like to gift me for my responsible report.

PayPal :

Halls of Fame:
Nokia HOF :

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@w3c_systeam     7 October, 2020
    Twitter w3c_systeam Systeam from W3C:
Thank you Febin for your clear and concise report and proof of concept that allowed us to close an SSRF to internal port scanning issue in one of our services.
@lorenzoherrera     16 September, 2020
    Twitter lorenzoherrera Loren from Litmind:
Febin has found many bugs in our site and helped us solving them by providing comprehensive proof of concept, screenshots and details. He earned a place of honor in our bug hunters hall of fame:
@lorenzoherrera     5 October, 2020
    Twitter lorenzoherrera Loren from Litmind:
Febin has found a bunch of vulnerabilities related to the lack of CSRF request authentication. Thanks to his reports our site is now more secure! Thank you!
@GoSportsa     21 September, 2020
    Twitter GoSportsa Rick from
Febin discovered that our security.txt wasn't configured correctly and pointed to an outdated page. He provided a quick message, showed the issue. Thank you!
@wall26com     15 September, 2020
    Twitter wall26com Wall26 from Wall26:
Thanks for finding and reporting a business logic issue of our service.
@lorenzoherrera     14 September, 2020
    Twitter lorenzoherrera Loren from Photolancers:
Thanks febin_rev for your kind report! You've discovered a CSRF vulnerability in our site thanks and we've been able to solve it thanks to your help. So grateful, cheers!
@wall26com     19 August, 2020
    Twitter wall26com Wall26 from wall26:
Thank you for reporting CSRF issue of our website.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:97
Total reports on VIP sites:17
Total patched vulnerabilities:24
Recommendations received:7
Active since:29.06.2020

Reported Vulnerabilities

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28.03.2021  Windows Stack Buffer Overflow in a real life app — Exploit development — CloudMe_1.11.2 Buffer Overflow-CVE-2018–6892

CloudMe 1.11.2 Buffer OverFlow - Exploit Development.



This is Febin,

Twitter : febinrev

In this Post , I am gonna demonstrate windows Stack buffer overflow and exploit development in CloudMe 1.11.2 .

CloudMe is a cloud storage service. This buffer overflow vulnerability was patched and the exploit is released publicly in 2018 (CVE-2018–6892).

This is a Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

This demo will help guys who are preparing for OSCP or equivalent Certifications and also help guys (like me!) who wanna learn advanced hacking and exploit development. There are some executables/apps like “vulnserver” that are intentionally built to be vulnerable for educational purposes, but this is a real life application. So, basically we are developing a real exploit and attacking a real app.

Lets Go!

14.09.2020  How to find valid and impactful CSRFs

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eG Manager v7.1.2: Improper Access Control lead to Remote Code Execution (CVE-2020-8591)
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Google XSS Game
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Testing for XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
25.05.2021 by darklotuskdb
Easy XSS On Mostly Educational Websites Via Moodle

  Recent Recommendations

@meanstest     24 September, 2021
    Twitter meanstest:
Thanks for the detailed report and helping us zero in and fix this problem quickly!
@industryarena     16 September, 2021
    Twitter industryarena:
Thank you for detailed reporting of the XSS issue.
We were able to fix the problem with help of LuCkYtRaCeR.
@tophouse_ru     13 September, 2021
    Twitter tophouse_ru:
Thanks for your help!
@Gordi_OldGames     10 September, 2021
    Twitter Gordi_OldGames:
Thank you very much for reporting a vulnerability in our website!
@c2play     9 September, 2021
    Twitter c2play:
You seem to be an XSS hunter - thanks for the report and fast response! *FIXED* --Wachhund