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evaristegal0is | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher evaristegal0is has already helped fix 193 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  90

Real name:
Evariste Galois

About me:
I try to find vulnerabilities on websites in my spare time. I use OpenBugBounty to communicate faster with webmasters. You can contact me on my e-mail (below).
I use my own little python tool to find XSS vulnerabilities :)
L'italiano e' ben gradito.

How to contact me:
Twitter: @evaristegal0is

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
A recommendation in my OBB profile is fine
Amazon card, or magazine subscriptions, or the gift you like
Hall of Fame :)

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    11 September, 2017
     adrisperotto Adri from -:
I recommend evaristegal0is, thanks to him we had our xss issue fixed on our website. Great person, very fast to reply and professional, gives very detailed informations about the issue.
    4 September, 2017
     Youppido Marco from Youppido:
I recommend evaristegal0is, thanks to him we had our xss issue fixed in hours! He's very fast to reply and gives very detailed informations about the issue
    18 August, 2017
     Youcanprintit Alessandro from YCP:
Thanks to evaristegal0is we got and fix XSS issue on our website. Great person, i recommend him!
    9 August, 2017
     JulienPastel Julien from BM:
Thanks to evaristegal0is we were able to identify and fix a XSS issue. I recommend him!
    28 July, 2017
     salvo_cerruto Salvo from SS:
I recommend evaristegal0is: he helped us to identify several XSS in our websites! Great!!!
    7 June, 2017
     pierobacarella Piero from --:
Thanks Evariste for helping me discovering vulnerabilities. Very professional, he explained me the problem very well. He try to speak your language, many thanks!
    29 May, 2017
     mespino Pino from Algorithmedia:
I recommend evaristegal0is: he helped us to identify and solve a XSS in our website!
    10 May, 2017
     atleticaitalia Gabriele from Neobeta:
I recommend evaristegal0is because he helped us quickly and precisely to identify some vulnerabilities, and allow us to solve them without any kind of problem.
    10 May, 2017
     ftranchitella Fabio Tranchitella from Tranchitella Kft.:
I recommend evaristegal0is: he helped us to identify several XSS in our websites!

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    10 December, 2019
thanks for reporting the xss issue
    9 December, 2019
Kenan G. has helped us to find and fix some issues on web sites we're protecting. This kind of help is greatly appreciated from a security perspective. This way we can improve ourselves and protect our customers. Thanks again in my name.
    6 December, 2019
Thank you for your report. I was able to fix it quickly :)
    6 December, 2019
We would like to thank you for your valuable contribution in finding the XSS issue on our site! You have been very helpful!
    4 December, 2019
Thanks for reporting a high risky issue to me. You are awesome