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error404 | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher error404 has already helped fix 868 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  280

Real name:
Manav Doshi

About me:
A Security Researcher

Contact email:
I encourage you to contact me ASAP so we can work together to quickly protect your users! All communication will be kept private.

[email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:
CEH(Certified Ethical Hacker)
CPTE(Cetified Penetration Tester Engineer)

Experience in Application Security
1-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
I appreciate the following -

Bounty (PayPal)
Swag (T-Shirt, Goodies)
Offer of collaboration / Internship
or just a thanks!

Follow me on:

Ethics and Rules:
Manav Doshi is required to abide by the ethics and rules of the Open Bug Bounty project. If you reasonably believe that rules are not respected, please report this to us.

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@A1Dummy     25 April, 2020
    Twitter A1Dummy René from
Thanks for finding the issue on our site and for making the web more secure!
@MartySoft     23 April, 2020
    Twitter MartySoft liquidmaker :
Thank you Error404 to find the XSS vulnerability on my side.
Communication was clear and friendly. Thank you for your personal work.
@podofcoffee     6 February, 2020
    Twitter podofcoffee Orbach from Booksprice:
Thank you for reporting a XSS vulnerability on our site. We were able to reproduce and fix it within 1 day, and fix it. Thanks for the clear communication..
@eingemaischt     31 January, 2020
    Twitter eingemaischt Philipp from IMI:
Thank you for reporting a XSS vulnerability on our portal. We were able to reproduce and fix it within 2 days.
@vavideode     30 January, 2020
    Twitter vavideode Vavideo from Vavideo:
Thank you for helping improving Vavideo! The xss vulnerability is fixed now.
@USM_au     29 January, 2020
    Twitter USM_au Peter Green from USM Pty Ltd:
Manav alerted us to a vulnerability on a server which we were able to research and rectify. Thanks for the detailed information about the problem.
@givemethespi     28 January, 2020
    Twitter givemethespi Renaud from Dogfinance:
Thanks a lot to Manav who discovered XSS vulnerabilities on our website. Very professional, his report was detailed and efficient.
@fredli74     30 July, 2020
    Twitter fredli74 Fredrik from Sonic Charge:
Thank you, Manav, for finding and explaining an XSS vulnerability we had on our site. Very nice and professional! Fixed and verified the same day.
@ElliotKendall1     28 January, 2020
    Twitter ElliotKendall1 Elliot Kendall from Emory University:
Thanks for reporting an information disclosure issue on our website.
@Error4071686411     12 January, 2020
    Twitter Error4071686411 Secure from
Thankyou for reporting xss vulnerabilties on the website.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:2746
Total reports on VIP sites:111
Total patched vulnerabilities:868
Recommendations received:21
Active since:23.10.2019

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  Recent Recommendations

    22 September, 2023
Thank you for pointing out the vulnerability. Your report was very helpful!
    6 September, 2023
Much appreciated the notice from Dipu1a about our website. He provided clear guidelines to resolve and I'm looking forward to working with him in the future.
    5 September, 2023
Thank you very much for reporting the vulnerability. Good luck with your everything!!!
    4 September, 2023
Your report was very helpful! Thank you very much !
    25 August, 2023
Thank you for your help in ensuring the security of our domain and its visitors! Your contributions are invaluable.