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edent | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher edent has already helped fix 78 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  10

Real name:
Terence Eden

About me:
Independent security researcher based in London, UK.

How to contact me:

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
Public acknowledgement is preferred. All other offers happily accepted.

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    23 May, 2016
     Tom_S_Dixon Tom Dixon from Devon County Council:
On behalf of Devon County Council, I would like to put on record our thanks and appreciation to edent for making us aware of an XSS vulnerability on our main website last week. Should not have been there in first place, and pleased to say we had it fixed within a few minutes, but grateful that it was brought to our attention.

Best wishes,
Digital Delivery Team, Devon County Council (@reworkdevon)

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Research Statistics

Total reports:102
Total reports on VIP sites:15
Total patched vulnerabilities:78
Recommendations received:1
Active since:29.10.2015

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Cross Site Scripting

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  Recent Recommendations

    5 August, 2020
Thank you for pointing out the vulnerability.
Thanks to you, I was able to respond safely.
    5 August, 2020
Great work, thanks for finding a bug and kindly reporting it.
    5 August, 2020
Numan has responsibly reported a CSRF vulnerability on our website. We credit Numan for responsible disclosure.
    5 August, 2020
Great work, thanks for finding a bug and kindly reporting it.
    3 August, 2020
Thank you so much for your report.