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codeinkhan | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher codeinkhan has already helped fix 23 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  100

Real name:
Afzal Khan

About me:
XSS Vulnerability Detector

Contact email:
email : [email protected]
mobile : 91 8879728979 / 7977967497
Instagram : codeinkhan

Certifications & Diplomas:
Certified Ethical Hacker

Experience in Application Security
1-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
Anything you wish to award me will motivate me to continue doing the work I'm doing

Follow me on:

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@GundaLonely     20 August, 2020
    Twitter GundaLonely Zain from GUNDALONELY:
Doing an amazing job
@botboti1     5 May, 2020
    Twitter botboti1 Boti from Boticorp:
thanks for the help
@Nuzhat85590258     13 March, 2020
    Twitter Nuzhat85590258 Nuzhat from Home&Home:
Thanks for the help.
@Atiqull13890625     13 March, 2020
    Twitter Atiqull13890625 Atiq khan from Veethreee:
Thanks for finding xss in my website
@Surajpanigrahy1     13 March, 2020
    Twitter Surajpanigrahy1 Suraj from Afzsu:
Thanks for finding xss on my site
@Bhavesh67635040     26 August, 2019
    Twitter Bhavesh67635040 Bhavesh Sumesara from RB Photography:
Thanks you for helping me find xss on my photography websitr
@Hackerblackbird     26 August, 2019
    Twitter Hackerblackbird kapil rankawat from kiran medical:
thanks for helping me out to find xss
@aasif_nadkar     5 August, 2019
    Twitter aasif_nadkar Aasif Nadkar from theeem:
Thank You For Finding The XSS In My Site

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Research Statistics

Total reports:115
Total reports on VIP sites:6
Total patched vulnerabilities:23
Recommendations received:8
Active since:15.07.2019

Reported Vulnerabilities

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No posts in blog yet

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Testing for XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
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Easy XSS On Mostly Educational Websites Via Moodle
25.04.2021 by ParanjpeSanmarg
Testing Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability

  Recent Recommendations

@pentestinghub     23 July, 2021
    Twitter pentestinghub:
Thank you chenzhen for making us aware of a vulnerability that was previously unknown to us.

It was a pleasure working with him, Thank you!

Thanks & Regards
Tuhin Bose
Chief Information Security Officer
@Synthesys3     15 July, 2021
    Twitter Synthesys3:
Thanks Tw0F0rty for making me aware of a vulnerability involving an apparently innocuous log report on my website :)
@MPDL     15 July, 2021
    Twitter MPDL:
Thank you for your detailed report. With your support we were able to fix the vulnerabilities.
@MPDL     13 July, 2021
    Twitter MPDL:
Thanks a lot 0xrocky for identifying the vulnerabilities and alert us. Great security researcher to work with. Keep up the good work!
@SchmitzNicolas2     13 July, 2021
    Twitter SchmitzNicolas2:
Thx for your help in securing this website.