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atmon3r | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher atmon3r has already helped fix 276 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  180

Real name:

About me:
French vulnerability and IT security research

How to contact me:
[email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
On twitter (@atmon3r)

Experience in Application Security
over 5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
- Simple thank
- Bounty (Amazon, aliexpress, paypal)
- Swag (T-Shirt, goodiz etc)

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@seedfinder     6 May, 2020
    Twitter seedfinder j.a. from seedfinder:
Good guy!! Thanks a lot to the people who are using their time to fix other people websites, this really make the world a better place :) For us it was very helpful and his detailed info enabled us to fix our stuff fast!
@rlocman     30 April, 2020
    Twitter rlocman Semen from rloc:
Many thanks to atmon3r for the vulnerability found. Thanks to this, we were able to eliminate it.
@joeaseer     29 April, 2020
    Twitter joeaseer Joseph Aseer from Btape:
Thank you for educating me on vulnerabilities I was unaware of concerning my website. You communicated in a professional manner and suggested moderately simple fixes to resolve the issues.
@ChrisJ13002831     27 April, 2020
    Twitter ChrisJ13002831 Chris from PremierT:
Many thanks for the great report and the excellent communication, highly recommended!
@ChrisJ13002831     27 April, 2020
    Twitter ChrisJ13002831 Chris from PTiming:
Many thanks for the great report and the excellent communication, highly recommended!
@redsquirrel87     30 March, 2020
    Twitter redsquirrel87 redsquirrel87 from
Thanks to atmon3r I discovered a bug on my website that I had never noticed before and that was there for over 2 years. Also very kind in contacting me via Twitter, otherwise I would never have read about it. Really appreciated!
@tristramg     28 February, 2020
    Twitter tristramg Tristram Gräbener from
Thank you atmon3r for the discovery of a failure, and the very professional manner to report it
@jeannette     22 May, 2018
    Twitter jeannette Jeanne from mesri:
Thank you for reporting the bug on our website and your reactivity.
@y_caradec     18 May, 2018
    Twitter y_caradec yann from MESRI:
Thanks for the alert, the bug is now fixed.
@ArnY     20 April, 2018
    Twitter ArnY Arnaud Abélard from Université de Nantes:
atmon3r was very professional, very prompt to reply to our emails.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:623
Total reports on VIP sites:29
Total patched vulnerabilities:276
Recommendations received:14
Active since:01.04.2018

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  Recent Recommendations

@obb_wr     2 December, 2020
    Twitter obb_wr:
Thanks Cyber_India for reporting the issue and for your prompt & friendly response.
@schelle85     2 December, 2020
    Twitter schelle85:
Thank you for your Report. We have fixed it.
@Sebasti53438355     2 December, 2020
    Twitter Sebasti53438355:
Nice contact, thanks for the report!
@rockpapercynic     2 December, 2020
    Twitter rockpapercynic:
Thanks for the report and recommendation! Fixed!
@studentdoctor     1 December, 2020
    Twitter studentdoctor:
Fantastic work by gdattacker, found errors on two of our sites that he helped us test following patching. Thanks!