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Tanzil | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher Tanzil has already helped fix 403 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  170

Real name:
Tanzil Khan

About me:
Tech Geek
Love to find vulnerabilities :)

How to contact me:
knock me on Facebook/twitter otherwise best way to contact me
mail: [email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
mail : [email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:
2-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
A thanks/profile recommendation will be really appreciated, with any of them given below,

# T-shirts, Keychains, Gift_Cards.


# Payoneer,(IBAN), #PayPal

Halls of Fame:
more will update s

Follow me on:

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@ResultClothing     12 November, 2020
    Twitter ResultClothing Erika from Result Clothing:
Appreciate your discovery and notification of a bug so that we can increase our security!
@avulatharun5531     16 September, 2020
    Twitter avulatharun5531 Tharun :
I would recommend tanzil. He is having great knowledge in cyber security.
@CPCuk     13 August, 2020
    Twitter CPCuk Lee from Crescent Purchasing:
Thank you for reporting the XSS vulnerability. We were able to resolve the issue thanks to the information you provided.
@AsictIct     20 July, 2020
    Twitter AsictIct Security-Ict-Asict from Politecnico di Milano:
Dear Tanzil,

the SOC of Politecnico di Milano would like to thank you for disclosing us a XSS vulnerability on our infrastructure.
@sureshlinux     15 July, 2020
    Twitter sureshlinux Suresh from
Thank you very much for your efforts on finding this bug. It is really appreciated!
@SFgenealogy     13 July, 2020
    Twitter SFgenealogy Ron from SFgenealogy:
Appreciate your discovery and notification of a bug so that we can increase our security!
@Cajun_Lyrics     10 July, 2020
    Twitter Cajun_Lyrics Francis from
Thank you very much for letting me know about the vulnerabilities on my website, It is really appreciated!
@SNTech2     10 July, 2020
    Twitter SNTech2 Steve from Sharenet:
A big thanks for notifying us of the bug! Much appreciated.
@ziduniwien     8 July, 2020
    Twitter ziduniwien Zentraler Informatikdienst from University of Vienna:
Dear Tanzil,

The University of Vienna would like to thank you for your valuable contribution in finding multiple website security issues.
Your input is highly welcome and helps to raise the security level of our educational institution.

Servus and greetings from Vienna, Austria.
@matthews8000     29 June, 2020
    Twitter matthews8000 Matt from Sourceful:
Tanzil has successfully identified, researched and communicated a vulnerability. This has lead to an improvement in the security of the website.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:8026
Total reports on VIP sites:66
Total patched vulnerabilities:403
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):7217
Recommendations received:10
Active since:04.05.2020

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  Recent Recommendations

@nikitsinelnikov     25 November, 2020
    Twitter nikitsinelnikov:
Thanks for your report! We have fixed the issue.
@chantysothy     25 November, 2020
    Twitter chantysothy:
Thank you so much Cyber_India for reporting us improper access control. We followed your instructions and reproduced again. Also mitigation steps helped us. I recommend this security specialist.
@Guide_Astuces     24 November, 2020
    Twitter Guide_Astuces:
Thank you for reporting the bug and helping me to fix it. Much appreciated. I recommend this security specialist.
@w3c_systeam     24 November, 2020
    Twitter w3c_systeam:
Thank you for your report. We fixed the issue.
@vintage_griffin     23 November, 2020
    Twitter vintage_griffin:
Thank you Cyber_India for identifying and letting us know of an improperly secured server status page.