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Rashed_Naamani Top VIP Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher Rashed_Naamani has already helped fix 2445 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  560

Real name:
Rashed Al Naamani

About me:
Linux Addict ....Dont Learn to Hack...Hack to Learn

How to contact me:
[email protected]

Experience in Application Security
1-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
1-A recommendation on my profile

2-Bug Bounty (PayPal)

3-Swag (T-Shirt/electronics)

Please Pray for My Father and Mother. I am what I am today, because they did a fantastic job in raising me

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements | Full List:

    11 September, 2018
     ziduniwien Computer Center from University of Vienna:
Dear Rashed,

The University of Vienna would like to thank you for your valuable contribution in finding a website security issue. Your input is highly welcome and helps to raise the security level of our educational institution.

Servus and greetings from Vienna, Austria.
    5 September, 2018
     jas0n360 Jason from Coventry City Council:
Thank you to Rashed for being helpful in finding, reporting the issue and confirming the fix.
    29 August, 2018
     Calico_UK Kirsty from Calico UK:
Thank you Rashed for your recent bug notification. We've now had our web developer fix that. Great service!
    19 July, 2018
     WilliamTRoot Bill Root from Web School of Science:
Rashed reported a problem with our web site, provided details and duplication instructions on my request, and confirmed it was fixed. Thank you Rashed!
    3 July, 2018
     velhoon Michael Ward from University of Tennessee at Chattanooga:
Mr. Naamani alerted us to an XSS bug. He worked with us to get it fixed.
    30 May, 2018
     olenjohnsen Olen Johnsen from Phantom Ranch:
Rashed notified us out of the blue of a issue. We immediately recognized he is correct and we fixed the problem. He tested it for us, and verified. So all is good. Thank you Rashed.
    10 May, 2018
     hostbaby Ryan from HostBaby:
Thanks Rashed for alerting us about our XSS issue and also confirming the fix. Much appreciated, keep up the good work :)
    2 May, 2018
     fusedreality Craig from mtc:
Rashed quickly imformed us of XSS exploits and provided clear and detailed info on what was affected. Thank you so much for your hard work!
    1 May, 2018
     rzcarpenter Bob from ICF:
Thank you Rashed for alerting us to these XSS issues. We were able to fix them with your help. This is a fantastic service! Thank you again.
    1 May, 2018
     ColinSchloth Colin Schloth from NBA:
Thank you Rashed for spotting a XSS on one of our companies pages. Great work! Hope you continue to find success in your future projects.
    20 April, 2018
     Cineca1969 Security Team from Cineca:
Thank you Rashed for your finding and reporting: it was very useful for us. Responsible disclosure is always appreciated by Cineca!
    13 April, 2018
     UT_OIT Will from University of Tennessee:
Thanks for finding, reporting, and confirming the fix for our CSS vulnerability.
    2 March, 2018
     PokerShibes Jack B from Poker Shibes:
Rashed found a bug in a new script and notified us immediately. He also showed us the exact issue and allowed us to fix the code quickly. Thank you!
    14 February, 2018
     Scott_Research George Scott from
Thank you Rashed for spotting the vulnerability and alerting us!
    7 February, 2018
     Slivvy Jason Livingston from MembersFirst:
Thank you for sending us the XSS bug. We are putting a fix on our production servers later today.
    5 February, 2018
     RedBroadband Tim from Red Broadband:
Thank you Rashed for your report, it is greatly appreciated
    22 January, 2018
     pmdgFreak Justin from aerowings:
Thank you for the XSS bug report! Our IT-Security is very happy to see that you are one of the good-people and we are now compliant again!
Keep up the great job!
    15 January, 2018
     uafg UAFG from UAFG:
Thanks for spotting vulnerabilities and alerting us. Very kind person, provided helpful with details about the issue.
    11 January, 2018
     CellaMedical Miguel from Cella Medical:
Thanks Rashed for finding a XSS vulnerability and confirming its resolution!
    11 January, 2018
     markymarrow Mark Jenkins from UKRD Group:
Thanks for spotting the XSS vulnerability and alerting us.
    10 January, 2018
     diegopineira Jean-Philippe from Lesfleurs:
Thanks to Rashed for reaching out and educating the masses! Appreciate his politeness and professionalism
    9 January, 2018
     iol_con Michael from IOLCon:
Thank you for pointing out the vulnerability and your friendly help to fix it.
    9 January, 2018
     Fanor90823313 Claudio Barisione from CISEF:
Thanks to his notification I fixed an XSS vulnerability on my company website, very helpful report as well - More people like him would mean a better internet for everyone.

Thanks again Rashed and keep up the great job you are doing!!
    8 January, 2018
     docgear Jesse from ABC Legal Services:
Thanks for spotting the XSS (and the old pages someone left lingering) on our site!
    2 January, 2018
     OpenConf Team from cyberspace:
Thank you for the report
    31 December, 2017
     mslawson08 Mike :
Thank you for the XSS bug report!
    31 December, 2017
     anjorg70 Anders Jørgensen from FoodInfo, Denmark:
Thanks a bunch for making me aware of this XSS vulnerability - your effort is much appreciated!
    28 December, 2017
     bjnagel Bart from BN:
Thanks for the XSS report, and for confirmation of its resolution.
    27 December, 2017
     jkumbr Richard from SR:
Thanks for reporting vulnerability found on one of our websites and really fast response!
    22 December, 2017
     jaquearnoux jaquearnoux from my very own:
Thanks to Rashed for testing the CSS-Attack svg=onload very polite and helpful for pointing out the XSS vulnerabilty.
    21 December, 2017
     CEMFInews Javier from CEMFI:
Thank you for identifying an XSS bug. Much appreciated!
    21 December, 2017
     yurykb yuryk from CGI-City:
Thannks for reporting XSS vulnerability on our website and quick response!
    20 December, 2017
     SERPLAB Steve from SL:
Thanks for the details of a silly XSS we had missed!
    19 December, 2017
     f_ficarola Francesco Ficarola from Sapienza, University of Rome:
Thank you so much Rashed for identifying the XSS vulnerability on our institutional website. Great work!
    18 December, 2017
     SantiMirenna Santi Mirenna from INGV Milano:
Rashed was very polite and helpful for pointing out the XSS vulnerabilty.
Thanks Rashed
    17 December, 2017
     dsmithgard Dann Smith from Patton:
Thanks for helping me plug a stupid hole I opened up. Much appreciated!
    11 December, 2017
     kudan1110 Asahina from KKR:
Thanks for helped Rashed. The xss vulnerability could be fixed.
    6 December, 2017
     bignaut Tony from MB:
Thanks to Rashed for the prompt assistance in helping us remove a vulnerability found on one of our websites. Lots of lessons learnt for us.
    4 December, 2017
     KARMIANodio Andrea from KarmianBand:
Thanks to Rashed we discovered a totally unknown vulnerabilities and fixed it! Great Man!
    4 December, 2017
     shaunallcock Shaun from Click:
Thanks for the help Rashed, you enabled us to identify and fix a problem on our sites.
    29 November, 2017
     alipaczka adminpaczki from alipaczka:
Thank you for identifying an XSS bug.
Great work!
    29 November, 2017
     RecordsUnit Lukas from Unit Records:
Rashed was very polite and helpful. thanks for pointing out the vulnerabilty.
    15 November, 2017
     tap_security TAP Security from TheAnswerPage:
Thanks for catching this vulnerability.
    14 November, 2017
     silverarm Alan Reddan from Silverarm:
Great work identifying an xss bug much appreciated.
    14 November, 2017
     johnof John from ssell:
Rashed was able to uncover a vulnerability that an automated security scan failed to find.

He was very polite and timely in responding to our correspondence which allowed us to patch the bug quickly.

Thanks Rashed!
    10 October, 2017
     charlieallomber Charlie from lg:
Thanks for pointing our lazy coding to us.
    7 October, 2017
     cpethink Tad Stephens from, Ltd.:
Rashed is excellent and his help is much appreciated. We were able to quickly identify the problem and fix it, glad he was looking, we missed it.
    5 October, 2017
     pastposters Jamie Copper from pastposters:
Rashed quickly and politely pointed out a vunerability in my site, which I was able to forward to my web tech, who fixed the issue. Thank you so much. It's nice to know there are Good honest helpful people out there.
    25 September, 2017
     HarryOn2net Harry from --:
Thanks Rashed for your help in pointing out the issue on one of the sites we look after.
    12 September, 2017
     Liane___ Hubert Garrido from Liane inc.:
Thanks to the accurate report that was provided, I was able to immediately fix a security bug in one of my websites.
Thanks to this researcher for his help and expertise.
    8 August, 2017
     1stclassmedia Mark Lawson from 1st Class Media:
Rashed was a great and helpful adviser identifying and assisting with a bug he found on one of our websites. Swift action by our technical team with his assistance allowed us to fix the issure.

Rashed is an example of how GOOD researchers identify issues and is a credit to Bug Bounty!

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    18 February, 2020
Great job finding a vulnerability. I have fixed the issue now, thanks for your help!
    18 February, 2020
Thanks you Rajesh for reporting a bug without wanting to gain anything from it. Your quick response enabled us to swiftly fix the flaws you found, great help!
    18 February, 2020
Thanks for notifying flaw, and for the answers ! Your support on fixing the issues was helpful... Friendly contact.
    17 February, 2020
Many thanks to k0t for finding and reporting the XSS vulnerability on my website.
    17 February, 2020

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