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OOS | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher OOS has already helped fix 248 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  280

Real name:
Adel Boutin

About me:
Bug hunter,
Security researcher ,
Independent security consultant (web/desktop app).
Exploit developer (python) intermediate level,

I only love RCE and Buffer overflow.

I already have alerted Owner but no response ( )!!
Owner who dose not care about his users or his system or network, never deserve success.
put your users in top of your priority if you really want to success in your business, it's only my point of view.

How to contact me:
[email protected]

add me to your private program :

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:

Experience in Application Security
3-5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
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PayPal wallet: [email protected]
BTC Wallet Address : 3APJqtYX6h8dcCWj9njhuK63Y7CgWabS9g
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It's simply to add a public

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    18 July, 2018
     hikingsite Raymond from
Thanks a lot Adel to help me to improve the security of my website. Your examples were very clear and to the point and your follow-up very thorough. Keep up the good work to make the internet a safer place!
    31 August, 2018
     n8manAfter Nathan from A Gift Inside:
Adel seems like a nice guy. Thanks for finding this XSS vulnerability and notifying us.
    26 August, 2018
     cb_ximo Kino from pista3:
Adel has found out and share a vulnerability on my site. Thanks a lot
    8 August, 2018
     fotoloco1 Blaise from fotoloco:
Excellent job in identifying a vulnerability on my site: thanks!
    16 July, 2018
     teamhively Julian from Hively:
Thanks very much Adel for the detailed, friendly report of the issue on our site and for the prompt, professional follow up emails.
    9 July, 2018
     JohanAdriaans Johan Adriaans from Shoppagina:
Thanks for finding the XSS bug and the quick and clean report. Keep up the good work!
    9 July, 2018
     Nu_Gratis Alexander Mes from NuGratis:
Thanks for pointing out a XSS bug in our website. Quick and good feedback!
    25 June, 2018
     ziduniwien Computer Center from University of Vienna:
Dear OOS,

The University of Vienna would like to thank you for your valuable contribution in finding a website security issue. Your input is highly welcome and helps to raise the security level of our educational institution.

Servus and greetings from Vienna, Austria.
    2 June, 2018
     digisolid Martin Otte from
OOS found a XSS vulnerability on our website. Thank you very much!
    23 May, 2018
     yjacolin yjacolin from GeoRezo:
Thanks for helping discover an XSS bug on our sites. Good work.

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Awards and Achievements

Number of Secured Websites

10+ Websites
50+ Websites
500+ Websites
1000+ Websites

Advanced Security Research

WAF Bypasser
CSRF Master
30+ Reports
AppSec Logic Master
30+ Reports
Fastest Fix
Fix in 24 hours

Outstanding Achievements

Secured OBB
OBB Advocate
Improved OBB

Commitment to Remediate and Patch

Patch Master
55% Patched
Patch Guru
65% Patched
Patch Lord
75% Patched

Recommendations and Recognition

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Research Statistics

Total reports:948
Total reports on VIP sites:34
Total patched vulnerabilities:248
Recommendations received:13
Active since:02.03.2018

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    Patched on 18.01.2019
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    Patched on 16.01.2019
    Patched on 16.01.2019
    Patched on 16.01.2019
    Patched on 16.01.2019

  Recent Recommendations

    18 January, 2019
Thanks for helping us making our website more secure.
    18 January, 2019
Thanks for reporting a vunlerability on our website. He provided all the information needed and responded extremely fast. Our website is more secure now.
    17 January, 2019
Thank you for notifying us of an XSS vulnerability in our project
    16 January, 2019
Deep_Tracer is amazing. I Would highly recommend for anyone looking search out vulnerabilities on their site to utilize Deep_Tracer's services. Thank you.
    16 January, 2019
Thanks for reporting a vunlerability on our website