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Maximum | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher Maximum has already helped fix 92 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  90

Real name:

About me:
XSS Guru
Rewards: Paypal, Crypto, Amazon vouchers or just thanks! (contact me for details)

How to contact me:
Email: [email protected]

Experience in Application Security
over 5 years

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    22 August, 2018
     wirthundhorn Support from
Thank you helping us finding and fixing vulnerabilities.
    24 July, 2018
     FunkyIt Alexis Kremin from Funke Digital GmbH:
Thank you very much for detection of the XSS vulnerability.
I really appreciate your very fast reactions to our emails and many special thanks for re-testing our fixes twice!
    7 July, 2018
     testmynet CA3LE from
Thank you for finding that XSS vulnerability. You made it easy for me to fix.
    7 July, 2018
     RealArties RealArties from ASC Computersysteme:
Thank you for finding and reporting an XSS Vulnerability on our website. We fixed it soon and make our site safer for our visitors!

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1000+ Websites

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WAF Bypasser
CSRF Master
30+ Reports
AppSec Logic Master
30+ Reports
Fastest Fix
Fix in 24 hours

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Secured OBB
OBB Advocate
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55% Patched
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50+ Recommends

Research Statistics

Total reports:447
Total reports on VIP sites:97
Total patched vulnerabilities:92
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):1
Recommendations received:4
Active since:05.07.2018
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Cross Site Scripting
Cross Site Scripting

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  Recent Recommendations

    17 February, 2019
Thank you for pointing out the XSS vulnerability in our site. We appreciate your work and quick response. Thank you!!
    14 February, 2019
Thanks a lot for the report! We completely missed this vulnerability ourselves and are happy that you caught it!
    14 February, 2019
Thank you for helping me find and fix the XSS vulnerability on mudconnect!
    13 February, 2019
Thank you for reporting a vulnerability on our page very professionally! You did us a great service!
    12 February, 2019
Very helpful and responsive in helping me get my issue fixed.