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Leon | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher Leon has already helped fix 279 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  370

Real name:
Aldo Moreno

About me:
Cybersecurity enthusiast.
Bug bounty hunter.

Contact email:
[email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]

Experience in Application Security
1-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
Paypal, BTC, gifts.

Paypal: [email protected]
BTC: 33x6BpPjBiR7g5UeefGQQuZLW2BVAd3aQV

Halls of Fame:
Telefonica Germany

Follow me on:

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@Downnotify     29 March, 2019
    Twitter Downnotify Marijn Otte from
Aldo found a big security issue in our application, using a creative way to exploit it.
@AsictSoc     18 November, 2020
    Twitter AsictSoc Security Operation Center from Politecnico di Milano:
Dear Leon,

the SOC of Politecnico di Milano would like to thank you for disclosing us a XSS vulnerability on our infrastructure.
@kevinBaseCom     21 February, 2020
    Twitter kevinBaseCom Kevin from Online Commerce Ltd:
Thanks for finding and alerting about an XSS issue with our newsletter.
@SecuriteInfoCom     10 February, 2020
    Twitter SecuriteInfoCom Arnaud Jacques from
Very good pentester.
Thank you Aldo !
@phdev6     12 September, 2019
    Twitter phdev6 ph-dev from Peter Hahn:
Leon found a XSS bug on our site. Thanks a lot!
@itsecop     23 April, 2019
    Twitter itsecop itsecop :
Thanks Geek_Pwn, for pointed out XSS vulnerabilities on our website!
Your input was very much appreciated!
@JimM97459222     17 February, 2019
    Twitter JimM97459222 Jim from GH:
Thank you for pointing out the XSS vulnerability in our site. We appreciate your work and quick response. Thank you!!
@HIGHFLYERS_WA     19 December, 2018
    Twitter HIGHFLYERS_WA Tom from WADC:
Thanks a lot for making our webserver more secure! Thums up!
@nietofarias     10 July, 2018
    Twitter nietofarias Ignacio Nieto from Despegar:
Thanks Aldo for reporting us some XSS vulnerabilities! It was very helpful!
@TucWebmaster     25 June, 2018
    Twitter TucWebmaster Frank Richter from TU Chemnitz:
Geek_Pwn discovered XSS bugs in my site. Thanks for reporting them to us and checking our fixes, your work is appreciated!

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Research Statistics

Total reports:376
Total reports on VIP sites:40
Total patched vulnerabilities:279
Recommendations received:17
Active since:20.09.2017

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  Recent Recommendations

@EplayerTv     1 December, 2021
    Twitter EplayerTv:
Very good researcher, also provides clear instructions how to easily fix issue.
@martin_ouwehand     30 November, 2021
    Twitter martin_ouwehand:
We thank KhanJanny for his responsible disclosure of an XSS in one of our Web sites
@Securityteam11     29 November, 2021
    Twitter Securityteam11:
Indrakant notified us responsibly in relation to an issue with one of our websites. Upon seeking further information. his response was prompt and thorough. Thank you Indrakant great effort.
@chrisbeach     29 November, 2021
    Twitter chrisbeach:
Helped me fix a bug on my site - thanks joe-grizzly!
@chrisbeach     27 November, 2021
    Twitter chrisbeach:
Thanks very much for reporting a bug in my website