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KhanJanny | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher KhanJanny has already helped fix 1847 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  500

Real name:
khan janny

About me:
Tech Geek
Love to find vulnerabilities :)

How to contact me:
knock me on facebook/twitter otherwise best way to contact me
mail : [email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
mail:[email protected]

Experience in Application Security
3-5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
A thanks/profile recommendation will be really appreciated, but if you'd like.
# T-shirts, Sweats, Caps, Stickers, Keychains, Gadgets & Cards.

# Payoneer,(IBAN), Paypal :)

Halls of Fame:
more will update soon :)

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    28 October, 2019
     cpweather Christian from
Thanks so much for having notified me about the vulnerability of some code in my website. Thanks to your very professional approach the bug could be fixed! I greatly appreciate his efforts. Thank you!
    12 October, 2019
     vttoth Viktor T Toth :
Useful report of an XSS vulnerability; readily disclosed another vulnerability once contacted. Professional behavior. Thank you.
    13 September, 2019
     Web1Consulting Josh Freedman from Web 1:
KhanJanny provided specific information and was very responsive. I very much appreciate his efforts.
    6 September, 2019
     UsraWebmaster USRAWebmaster from USRA:
Thank you for your responsible disclosure of the XSS vulnerability.
    31 August, 2019
     DriesGeris Dries Geris from Hof Olympia:
Very kind guy who supported us to fix an issue we had with our website. Details about the issue were given immediately after we contacted him.
    30 August, 2019
     chandlerepes Chandler Epes from Contractor:
Incredibly helpful and informative.
    29 August, 2019
     rheator NJX from freelance:
Thank you for your help with XSS!
    3 August, 2019
     NewLineHorizon1 Melisa from NewLineHorizon:

Thanks for participating in responsible disclosure program.
The reports you submitted were extremely helpful to our team and provided us the details we needed to resolve the issues that you identified.
We are deeply committed to provide a safe and secure experience to our users and are therefore grateful for your efforts to help us improve our services.

Best Regards!
    30 July, 2019
     ParamoClothing Derrick from Paramo Clothing:
Hi KhanJanny,

The Páramo Clothing would like to thank you for your valuable contribution in finding a cross site scripting vulnerability on our site. Your research and help with this was invaluable and was a great help in helping us to further protect our website.

Many thanks :)
    17 July, 2019
     bshouse Brett Shouse from University Of Colorado:
Janny did an excellent job of identifying a Relative Path Overwrite issue in a personal site hosted in our domain. He was professional and helpful in resolving the finding. We greatly appreciate his time and efforts in improving our domains security posture. Thank you Janny!

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Active since:19.09.2017

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  Recent Recommendations

    15 November, 2019
@Cyberanteater very kindly alerted us about a git vunerability on one of our websites which we promptly fixed. This also prompted us to audit all our other projects.

Much appreciated.
    15 November, 2019
Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. The info you provided was very helpful and instrumental in getting a fix in place.
    14 November, 2019
Thank you very much for making us aware of the issue and providing us a high quality vulnerability report which helped us identify the source of the vulnerability right away.
    14 November, 2019
Thanks for your report. Please check we have patched it. :)
    13 November, 2019
Thanks for the details about the failure found on one of our sites.