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KhanJanny Top VIP Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher KhanJanny has already helped fix 4367 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  740

Real name:
#NoobSec #Reboot_ex

About me:
Love to find vulnerabilities:

Note:-If You Fixed Your Website Vulnerability, Please Don't Forget To Give Me Recommendations and Acknowledgements In My Open Bug Bounty Profile.

Contact email:
Best way to contact me mail : [email protected]

Alternative Contacts:
mail: [email protected]

Experience in Application Security
3-5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
I assume that you have (1) respect, (2) negotiation skills, & (3) read and understood

I prefer:
Bug Bounty (200-1000 USD/EUR, typically 250)

Halls of Fame:
more will update soon :)

Follow me on:

Ethics and Rules:
#NoobSec #Reboot_ex is required to abide by the ethics and rules of the Open Bug Bounty project. If you reasonably believe that rules are not respected, please report this to us.

Recommendations and Acknowledgements | Full List:

@Falk49392027     17 February, 2023
    Twitter Falk49392027 Falk from Youngbiker:
Thanks for identifying a vulnerability on my site that I was able to resolve thanks to the detailed report!
@mb_mbit     4 February, 2023
    Twitter mb_mbit mb_mbit from MB IT:
Many thanks to KhanJanny for responsibly disclosing an XSS vulnerability on some of my websites. Highly recommended professional!
@zules     20 January, 2023
    Twitter zules Julia from Dead Fish Lungs LLC:
Thank you so much for contacting me about my website vulnerability. I appreciate it!
@QuantShare     12 January, 2023
    Twitter QuantShare Azouz from QS:
Thank you for letting me know about the website vulnerability.
I greatly appreciate your effort.
@Krautli_IT     6 January, 2023
    Twitter Krautli_IT Miguel Dias from Krautli:
Thanks for the help with the vulnerability found on the company page!
@sgenevrier     9 December, 2021
    Twitter sgenevrier Sandrine from Journaldespalaces:
Thank you @Reboot_Ex for its responsible disclosure of an XSS in one of our websites.
@sgenevrier     6 December, 2021
    Twitter sgenevrier Sandrine from Journal des Palaces:
Thank you for its responsible disclosure of an XSS in one of our websites.
@martin_ouwehand     30 November, 2021
    Twitter martin_ouwehand Martin Ouwehand from EPFL:
We thank KhanJanny for his responsible disclosure of an XSS in one of our Web sites
@JohanLindberg73     3 December, 2020
    Twitter JohanLindberg73 johanlindberg from seatec:
Thank you so much for pointing out the security issue on our site.
When I contacted KhanJanny for details I got them sent to me by email within minutes. Highly appreciated!
@arnoxmp     2 March, 2020
    Twitter arnoxmp Arno from Non-profit:
Thank you for helping us identify an XSS problem on our website.
@CalvinN14532713     25 February, 2020
    Twitter CalvinN14532713 Calvin Nelson from McCurdy Auction, LLC:
Thank you so much for your hard work with our company! It was a great help and opened us up to perusing a bug bounty in the future!

KhanJanny was very helpful in identifying some vulnerabilities on our site that we were able to resolve!
@CalvinN14532713     25 February, 2020
    Twitter CalvinN14532713 Calvin Nelson from McCurdy Auction, LLC:
Thank you so much for your hard work with our company! It was a great help and opened us up to perusing a bug bounty in the future!

KhanJanny was very helpful in identifying some vulnerabilities on our site that we were able to resolve!
@kkb5mobile     22 November, 2019
    Twitter kkb5mobile Shinichi Ueno from Kagoshima Broadcasting Corporation:
Thank you for letting us know about the vulnerability of our website.
Thanks to you, I was able to correct it.
Thank you very much.
@cpweather     28 October, 2019
    Twitter cpweather Christian from
Thanks so much for having notified me about the vulnerability of some code in my website. Thanks to your very professional approach the bug could be fixed! I greatly appreciate his efforts. Thank you!
@vttoth     12 October, 2019
    Twitter vttoth Viktor T Toth :
Useful report of an XSS vulnerability; readily disclosed another vulnerability once contacted. Professional behavior. Thank you.
@Web1Consulting     13 September, 2019
    Twitter Web1Consulting Josh Freedman from Web 1:
KhanJanny provided specific information and was very responsive. I very much appreciate his efforts.
@UsraWebmaster     6 September, 2019
    Twitter UsraWebmaster USRAWebmaster from USRA:
Thank you for your responsible disclosure of the XSS vulnerability.
@DriesGeris     31 August, 2019
    Twitter DriesGeris Dries Geris from Hof Olympia:
Very kind guy who supported us to fix an issue we had with our website. Details about the issue were given immediately after we contacted him.
@chandlerepes     30 August, 2019
    Twitter chandlerepes Chandler Epes from Contractor:
Incredibly helpful and informative.
@rheator     29 August, 2019
    Twitter rheator NJX from freelance:
Thank you for your help with XSS!
@NewLineHorizon1     3 August, 2019
    Twitter NewLineHorizon1 Melisa from NewLineHorizon:

Thanks for participating in responsible disclosure program.
The reports you submitted were extremely helpful to our team and provided us the details we needed to resolve the issues that you identified.
We are deeply committed to provide a safe and secure experience to our users and are therefore grateful for your efforts to help us improve our services.

Best Regards!
@ParamoClothing     30 July, 2019
    Twitter ParamoClothing Derrick from Paramo Clothing:
Hi KhanJanny,

The Páramo Clothing would like to thank you for your valuable contribution in finding a cross site scripting vulnerability on our site. Your research and help with this was invaluable and was a great help in helping us to further protect our website.

Many thanks :)
@bshouse     17 July, 2019
    Twitter bshouse Brett Shouse from University Of Colorado:
Janny did an excellent job of identifying a Relative Path Overwrite issue in a personal site hosted in our domain. He was professional and helpful in resolving the finding. We greatly appreciate his time and efforts in improving our domains security posture. Thank you Janny!
@ugodehaes     10 July, 2019
    Twitter ugodehaes ugo from kwaadbloed:
thanks for having a look at our website and pointing out the xss vulnerability.
@CJBel     28 June, 2019
    Twitter CJBel Christian from MTFE:
Thank you very much for showing me the vulnerabilities on our website. You are a great help to make our site (and the web) a safer place.
@damoriox     3 June, 2019
    Twitter damoriox Dan Morio from BSP 3DJ:
Thank you for reaching out and helping us to find some vulnerabilities.
@hancinema     3 June, 2019
    Twitter hancinema HanCinema from HanCinema:
Thank you for reaching out and point us to some vulnerabilities.
@HoutVasthouden     24 April, 2019
    Twitter HoutVasthouden Bert from Woodwize:
Thank you very much for pointing us in the right direction to keep our website as safe as possible!
@PeterZimen     27 March, 2019
    Twitter PeterZimen Peter from KBS:
Thanks for good job and help with XSS!
@surfbikeswim     27 March, 2019
    Twitter surfbikeswim CISO from BNL:
Thanks for your report and disclosing the issue in a professional manner. The issue has been fixed based on your report.
@ziduniwien     11 September, 2018
    Twitter ziduniwien Computer Center from University of Vienna:
Dear KhanJanny,

The University of Vienna would like to thank you for your valuable contribution in finding a website security issue. Your input is highly welcome and helps to raise the security level of our educational institution.

Servus and greetings from Vienna, Austria.
@LowCostRoutes     4 September, 2018
    Twitter LowCostRoutes Lucian from
Thanks for discovering and informing me about the vulnerability. The communication was fast and the researcher provided me with all requested info.
@SNTech2     20 August, 2018
    Twitter SNTech2 SnTech2 from Sharenet:
Provided quick and helpful information which helped us fix the issue. Thank you !
@prospec51413401     19 August, 2018
    Twitter prospec51413401 webmaster from OCMS:
It's never fun to hear about a security problem but KhanJanny was polite and prompt with details of the vulnerability, following up on progress and informing me when the issue was resolved. We are very grateful.
@SourceryOne     20 July, 2018
    Twitter SourceryOne Kristian from
Thank you for helping me with a vulnerability on my site. Your instructions to replacate and fix the problem was easy to follow.
@GuardCardCourse     15 June, 2018
    Twitter GuardCardCourse James Montana from HSI:
Khan helped us to point out a security vulnerability on our website. We confirmed and fixed the vulnerability based on his information. It was very helpful.
@EdgeMediaNet     12 June, 2018
    Twitter EdgeMediaNet Jaye Foucher from EDGE Media Network:
Really appreciate the information on our site vulnerability. This researcher was quick to respond to our questions and we were able to plug the issue. Thank you!
@BrabWijnbouwers     5 June, 2018
    Twitter BrabWijnbouwers Uden from BWB:
To our surprise we received a message that our site had a vulnerability. On our request, details followed quickly. Thanks for your help.
@dynamicfish     4 June, 2018
    Twitter dynamicfish dynafish from Dynafish:
Found and reported XSS vulnerability. Excellent work and fast contact. Thank you!
@villedebesancon     28 May, 2018
    Twitter villedebesancon Ville de from Besançon:
Thank you for youre report on our site !
@storiesonline     13 May, 2018
    Twitter storiesonline Lazeez from WLPC:
Thanks for helping plug a severe XSS vulnerability in our CMS. Great work. Much appreciated.
@fislerdata     8 May, 2018
    Twitter fislerdata MyWorkshops from MyWorkshops:
The researcher was quick to respond and retest the site, showing where a weakness was found so that we were able to quickly fix the XSS issue and prevent future issues.
@nidapo5     8 May, 2018
    Twitter nidapo5 Nick Porter from 5th Dunstable Scout Group:
Researcher promptly gave details of the vulnerability, enabling me to fix it. I still have work to do to find and fix other instances, but at least I've been pushed in the right direction. Many thanks
@blacklight881     2 May, 2018
    Twitter blacklight881 rsvpBOOK from
Gave prompt details on the issue found. Thanks
@dsmithgard     2 May, 2018
    Twitter dsmithgard Dan Smith from Patton Electronics:
Thanks for helping me plug vulnerability in my site. Much appreciated!
@Think222222     28 April, 2018
    Twitter Think222222 from East China Normal University:
The researcher has reported it via coordinated disclosure Open Bug Bounty
program. Which helps a lot, very thanks!
@Think222222     28 April, 2018
    Twitter Think222222 from East China Normal University:
The researcher has reported it via coordinated disclosure Open Bug Bounty
program: Which helps a lot, very thanks!

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  Recent Recommendations

@soela_cs     23 March, 2023
    Twitter soela_cs:
He's a reliable partner in finding and fixing some security issues on our website, and I'm happy to recommend working with him. Thanks for the collaboration!
@TimFenner7     22 March, 2023
    Twitter TimFenner7:
On behalf of LeaseQuery, I wish to extend our gratitude to 4N_CURZE for reporting a vulnerability found on our website. 4N_CURZE was quick to respond and gladly provided all the information he could in order to help mitigate the risk. His efforts to make the internet a safer place is greatly appreciated!
@pagecp31     17 March, 2023
    Twitter pagecp31:
Huge thanks to Rajesh for pointing out an XSS vulnerability that affected several pages in the website I am developing on my free time. It is much appreciated and the report was very clear!
@travelfish     17 March, 2023
    Twitter travelfish:
Thanks for finding the issuing, passing on your find, and the quick reply. Cheers!
@MrMoney84315336     15 March, 2023
    Twitter MrMoney84315336:
Thank you for reporting the issues, good work.