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Security researcher Gh05tPT has already helped fix 5799 vulnerabilities.

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#Gh05tPT #inurlBR #Ch3rn0bylH4ck3r5 #aCCESS

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[email protected]

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over 5 years

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    13 November, 2019
     ContatoFAME Alexandre from DNOCS:
Thanks for the details about the failure found on one of our sites.
    12 November, 2019
     arthurebel Arthur from University Of Technology of Troyes:
Thank you for your help, for the detail of XSS vulnerabilty. Much appreciate.
    12 November, 2019
     koichiendor koichiendor from ADMINA:
Thanks for reporting XSS issue on my site. Clear report, helpful support. :)
    29 October, 2019
     dialbuquerque Diego Albuquerque from CNMP:
O Gh05tPT reportou uma vulnerabilidade em um sistema do órgão em que trabalho e nos ajudou a solucioná-la logo no primeiro contato. Muito obrigado.
    16 October, 2019
     TravisSwaim T. Swaim from Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center - UMD:
Was very easy to contact Gh05tPT and get the information needed to help fix the vulnerability found on our website. Wonderful security researcher to deal with and I'm glad that people like this exist to help make the internet a more secure and safe place.
    20 September, 2019
     ChipZ_de Andreas from MEHRKANAL:
Gh05tPT has found an XSS vulnerability on one of our pages.

He is very helpful and responded very quickly. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much.
    21 August, 2019
     aaccomazzi Alberto Accomazzi from Center for Astrophysics:
One more XSS bug discovered and patched thanks to Gh05tPT. Much appreciated!
    3 August, 2019
     NewLineHorizon1 Melisa from NewLineHorizon:

Thanks for participating in responsible disclosure program.
The reports you submitted were extremely helpful to our team and provided us the details we needed to resolve the issues that you identified.
We are deeply committed to provide a safe and secure experience to our users and are therefore grateful for your efforts to help us improve our services.

Best Regards!
    12 June, 2019
     tony_marston Tony Marston from Radicore Software Limited:
Gh05tPT found a XSS vulnerability on my site which I was able to fix quite quickly. Thanks for your help.
    12 June, 2019
     CapaniAntonio Antonio Capani from s.r.l.:
Gh05tPT found a XSS vulnerability on one of our sites. We will fix it on the next version of our CMS. Thank you very much for your help!

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04.04.2019  XSS alert() variants

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    15 November, 2019
@Cyberanteater very kindly alerted us about a git vunerability on one of our websites which we promptly fixed. This also prompted us to audit all our other projects.

Much appreciated.
    15 November, 2019
Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention. The info you provided was very helpful and instrumental in getting a fix in place.
    14 November, 2019
Thank you very much for making us aware of the issue and providing us a high quality vulnerability report which helped us identify the source of the vulnerability right away.
    14 November, 2019
Thanks for your report. Please check we have patched it. :)
    13 November, 2019
Thanks for the details about the failure found on one of our sites.