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Esss_ayy | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher Esss_ayy has already helped fix 311 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  200

Real name:
Sajid Ali

About me:
Info Security researcher,bug hunter whose goal is to help and improve companies and organizations security through coordinated private disclosure programs.

Contact email:
You people can message me on my twitter account, email me on below address.
[email protected]

Experience in Application Security
1-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
-> Bounty Payment (PayPal)
-> Public Recognition & thanks
-> Swag (T-shirt, stickers, cups)
-> Job Offer (Pentest or Vulnerability Assessment Project)

Halls of Fame:

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@TiagoGuedesEGo1     3 May, 2021
    Twitter TiagoGuedesEGo1 Tiago Guedes from E-Goi:
You made us aware of several security vulnerabilities that represented security flaws of several degrees and needed to be rectified.

It was a pleasure working with you and I hope we can work again in the future, Thank you!
@BeerotYitzhak     11 January, 2021
    Twitter BeerotYitzhak Berl from Beerot:
he was helping me, i recomend him!
@hair_xtensions     20 December, 2020
    Twitter hair_xtensions Pete from Hairx:
Thank you very much for pointing out that we have a vulnerability in our files
@kkb5mobile     5 August, 2020
    Twitter kkb5mobile Shinichi Ueno from Kagoshima Broadcastiong corporation:
Thank you for pointing out the vulnerability.
Thanks to you, I was able to respond safely.
@RedLeoteca     29 July, 2020
    Twitter RedLeoteca Admin from Leoteca en Red:
Sajid, we want to sincerely thank you for your efforts to help us maintain a safer site in such a professional way. Best regard.
@duocirclellc     13 May, 2020
    Twitter duocirclellc Brad from Duo Circle:
Thank you to Sajid for promptly helping to identify a wordpress vulnerability. Great work and good bug finding. Thank you for making the web a safer place.
@Hansaplastique     20 April, 2020
    Twitter Hansaplastique Hans from
Sajid has been extremely helpful in resolving the security on my website.
I highly recommend him to identify and resolve any website security issues.
Big thumbs up!
@aapit     6 June, 2019
    Twitter aapit David Spreekmeester from Grrr:
Thanks to Esss_ayy's sharp observations, we were made aware of a security issue and could patch it before it caused any troubles.
@eagerlyinternet     9 May, 2019
    Twitter eagerlyinternet Sietse from Eagerly:
Thanks for helping us find and fix vulnerabilities on several websites.
@ILT2010     5 March, 2019
    Twitter ILT2010 David from Specco:
Thank you Esss_ayy for disclosing responsibly the XSS issue and the prompt professionally detailed info.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:718
Total reports on VIP sites:59
Total patched vulnerabilities:311
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):5
Recommendations received:12
Active since:17.06.2018

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@Onizuka961     16 May, 2021
    Twitter Onizuka961:
Thanks Jenny For Reporting issue for us , Very Professional , quick response
@philippejadin     14 May, 2021
    Twitter philippejadin:
Thank you for reporting an issue with the presentation website of the project and for the quick replies !
@DjMagrao_     11 May, 2021
    Twitter DjMagrao_:
Thanks for founding xss errors on my website and fixing then.
@DouglasRao42     10 May, 2021
    Twitter DouglasRao42:
Profissional competente que tem contribuído ativamente no campo da segurança da informação.
@obb20210429     6 May, 2021
    Twitter obb20210429:
Thanks for a quick and useful report that helped us find and resolve the issue.