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Security researcher DrStache has already helped fix 2249 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  350

Real name:
Florian Charbonneau

About me:
French security student
Security enthusiast

How to contact me:
[email protected]

Contact me as soon as possible so we can work together to quickly protect your users.

Experience in Application Security
1-3 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
A thanks/profile recommendation will be really appreciated and is enough, but if you'd like:
~ Bug Bounty (PayPal, SEPA...)
~ Swag (T-shirt, stickers..)
~ Hall of Fame

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Recommendations and Acknowledgements | Full List:

    24 August, 2018
     Jhunnan tfaucher from LaBoutiqueOfficielle:
Merci à DrStach pour son signalement et sa réactivité pour nous apporter plus de précision, cela nous a permis de réagir rapidement.
    21 March, 2018
     poinsart Stéphane Poinsart from Enseignement Supérieur:
DrStache a identifié et signalé plusieurs failles dont nous ne soupçonnions pas l’existence. Ses informations précises avec des exemples de requêtes et sa réactivité nous ont permis de les diagnostiquer et les corriger. Merci !
    21 March, 2018
     bartmcpherson Bart from CSU:
Thank you for the help.
    20 March, 2018
     Genial_2017 jose sanchez sanchez from Mp3goo:
Excellent security specialist, I showed security problems that I did not know, thanks to he I could solve the problems on my site, highly recommended.
    27 February, 2018
     Nut_Treat Onno from
Highly skilled, excellent communication, highly recommended!
    19 July, 2017
     SimonFonteneau Simon Fonteneau from Lesfourmisduweb:
Merci a Drstache pour son signalement ! J'ai pu corriger a rapidement !
    19 July, 2017
     SMintrav SMINTRAV from MINTRAV:
Thank you DrStache, with you, we patched our issue you was extremely helpful, responsive and knowledgeable in pointing us to the Xss vulnerabilities on our websites !
    22 March, 2017
     JKrycha Josef Krycha from Canon Europe Ltd.:
DrStache reported multiple vulnerabilities in Canon websites ranging form reflected XSS's, SQL injections to information disclosure. All findings were valid and the communication with him was quick and efficient. Thank you for your help and best of luck!
    9 March, 2017
     bugfort26 NB. from CDC:
Merci pour ces échanges, qui auront permis de remotiver nos fournisseurs!
    3 March, 2017
     JNRIBETTE JN.RIBETTE from Kosmos:
Merci pour la détection des failles et pour les informations permettant de les corriger !
    23 February, 2017
     RCnfpt RSSI from CNFPT:
Un grand merci à Dr Stache pour les informations transmises.
Cela nous a permis de réagir rapidement. Encore merci et bonne continuation.
    23 February, 2017
     NicoBiot Nico B from CNFPT:
Merci à DrStache pour la détection de la faille et sa réactivité
    20 February, 2017
     fmplaw Florent.F from MEN - AC CRETEIL:
Une grande compétence et une super communication. Merci Dr Stache !
    10 February, 2017
     Brit_Hotel Jean-Manuel from Brit Hotel:
Un grand merci pour votre réactivité et votre aide ! ;)
    7 February, 2017
     meteociel Meteociel from Meteociel:
Thanks for the report of many XSS vulnerabilities for the site. Quick & precise answers.
    8 January, 2017
     saitenforum Jens from Saitenforum:
DrStache was extremely helpful, responsive and knowledgeable in pointing me to the vulnerabilities on my websites. I can highly recommend him! Keep up the great work. Thanks a lot!
    8 November, 2016
     Winaskin Vador from
Thank you DrStache, with you, we patched our issue ;-)
    20 October, 2016
     apluscalgary Jon from Associations Plus:
Thanks to DrStache for his reports, and for his quick replies in confirming we had fixed the issues he identified.
    14 October, 2016
     p4tpr0 RSSI from univ Lyon 2:
Bon travail et échange constructif avec les équipes.
    13 October, 2016
     dnicolle_Pix_e Dominique from N/A:
Merci pour la détection de la faille, et pour les indications nous permettant de la fixer.
    23 September, 2016
     hgschulz Henning Schulzrinne from
DrStache was quick to respond to follow-up questions and allowed us to fix the issue. I appreciate the heads-up to better protect our users against XSS.
    23 September, 2016
     CITYITSUPPORT Stergios Nikolopoulos from CITY College:
We would like to thank DrStache for the immediate information that provided to us in order to resolve this security vulnerability.

Thank you very much for your assistance. All the best!
    15 September, 2016
     ArnY Webmaster from Université de Nantes:
Honest and always available. Very efficient!
    6 September, 2016
     rssi_acami1 RSSI from ac-amiens:
Clair et efficace. Merci.
    2 September, 2016
     happyview_fr Matt from HappyV:
Merci pour la détection de la faille et votre aide à la résolution! bonne continuation. ++
    29 August, 2016
     bsearch Marc from Bsearch:
DrStache's responses were very quickly and to the point. We would like to recommend DrStache for his knowhow in the security domain.
    26 August, 2016
     Xavier_4545 xavier from c-orleans:
DrStache replied in a moment and was very helpfull for fixing our issue... thanks a lot.
    25 August, 2016
     rajo_ameh Pascal from syrte:
Many thanks to DrStache for his report. We removed immediatly the SQL injection vulnerability!
    20 August, 2016
     CreerSonBlog @CreerSonBlog from N/A:
Thanks, vulnerabilities have been validated, reproduced and code has been corrected.
    18 August, 2016
     nikko_zzf Nicolas from obs paris:
Issue quickly fixed thanks to DrStache informations. Thanks.
    15 August, 2016
     J_L_Lacroix Jean-Luc from Regains:
XSS vulnerability was removed quickly thank to the efficient assistance of DrStache.
    14 August, 2016
     Jaecko1982 Stefan C. from GLIWA GmbH:
After we got a notification, we contacted DrStache for further details; he replied very fast (within 4 minutes) with the crucial hint so we could fix the issue. Thanks a lot for your help!
    3 August, 2016
     tat2bu Simon from ARTE France Developpement:
DrStache was very quick to give us more insight on the vulnerability he found.

Many thanks for reporting this to us !
    2 August, 2016
     kerri9494 Kerri from CDS:
DrStache replied and reverified quickly. Very friendly and helpful. Thanks!

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    23 January, 2020
Thank you for reporting the XSS issue you found. Based on your information we were able to fix the problem. Thank you!
    23 January, 2020
Vighnesh Gupta alerted us in a professional and prompt manner to a security flaw in one of our public-facing websites, and acted with responsibility and ethics in reporting it and providing detail to us to help remediate. We strongly recommend him as an ethical security researcher.
    23 January, 2020
Dear fakessh, thank you for responsible disclosure of a XSS vulnerability on a site.

Best regards,
    22 January, 2020
Thanks for the bug report!
    22 January, 2020
Nice work on finding that bug.