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Recommendations and Acknowledgements

    20 October, 2019
     RajaAmerKhan Raja Amer Khan from Flixmedia:
Thanks a lot for bringing attention to a potential issue. Much appreciated.
    16 October, 2019
     ItWbks Francois T. from WBKS:
Thank you Armin for your in depth analysis. Your message has allowed us to understand the vulnerability we faced and patch it immediately thanks to your adequate advices.
    1 October, 2019
     denniskoster90 Dennis Koster from Pxlwidgets:
Thanks for disclosing an issue with one of our clients' website. We were able to quickly patch it.
    30 September, 2019
     ghanafeeds Samuel Armah from Ruarch:
Thanks for prompting us on vulnerability and exposed data in our website. Great work you are doing to keep the internet safe.
    30 September, 2019
     AdrivoG Stephan from adrivo GmbH:
Besten Dank für den hilfreichen Hinweis, den sehr netten Kontakt und die vertrauensvolle Abwicklung. So konnten wir die Situation postwendend lösen. Ganz klar: Daumen hoch!
    30 September, 2019
     jobim_yin Jobim Yin from Allmarketing:
Thank you , Armin , I really appreciate your help.
God bless your kindness.
    25 September, 2019
     asimzaka1 Asim from classifieds:
Thank you for helping make our website more secure.

We really appreciate it. Keep up the good work!
    24 September, 2019
     Mills_AFC Mills from Dataplus:
Thank you for calling our attention to the possible vulnerability on one of our apps. Appreciate!
    8 September, 2019
     gkcgautam Gautam from Wordpandit:
Thank you for letting us know about the vulnerability and exposed data in our website. Keep up the good work!
    4 September, 2019
     Ott1m1sta Oleg from freelance:
I'd like to thank Armin for his help. He pointed out a vulnerability on the website I used to help create a while ago. A deployment related issue, but still potentially disclosing sensitive data. Thanks again, Armin, from me and from that website's current maintainers.

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    11 November, 2019
Thank you for the assistance. Clearly stated issue, clear report. Thank you for your work
    11 November, 2019
Special thanks to Nicolas for quickly helping us to patch a vulnerability on our site!
    11 November, 2019
Thanks for reporting critical vulnerability on one of our sub-domains. We have patched it. Thanks:)
    11 November, 2019
Thanks for your report. Appreciated your [email protected]:)
    11 November, 2019
Thanks for reporting XSS report on our website. Really Appreciated...