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4N_CURZETop-50 VIP Open Redirect Reporter Top Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher 4N_CURZE has already helped fix 2460 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  360

Real name:

About me:
sharing techniques and knowledge is the best way to be with the updated world

Contact email:
You can contact me via email - [email protected] & alternative contacts are given bellow All communication will be kept private....

Alternative Contacts:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Certifications & Diplomas:

Experience in Application Security
3-5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
Bounty (PayPal, Bitcoin, payoneer)
Amazon gift cards (india)
feel free to support me with some Bounty ($$$) this will help me in improving security of your site.

Halls of Fame:

Follow me on:

Ethics and Rules:
ANKUR VAIDYA is required to abide by the ethics and rules of the Open Bug Bounty project. If you reasonably believe that rules are not respected, please report this to us.

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@TimFenner7     22 March, 2023
    Twitter TimFenner7 Tim Fenner from
On behalf of LeaseQuery, I wish to extend our gratitude to 4N_CURZE for reporting a vulnerability found on our website. 4N_CURZE was quick to respond and gladly provided all the information he could in order to help mitigate the risk. His efforts to make the internet a safer place is greatly appreciated!
@GreenhousePM     14 February, 2023
    Twitter GreenhousePM Adam from Greenhouse PM:
You were very professional and willing to assist with a simple XSS vulnerability. Thanks for your help!
@SteveWisnet     25 November, 2020
    Twitter SteveWisnet Steve from Name Withheld:
4N_CURZE responded quickly with details of the vulnerability, enabling us to patch it without delay. He also quickly confirmed that the patch was effective. I appreciated his help!
@SolidInnovation     18 November, 2020
    Twitter SolidInnovation Bernd from Solid Innovation:
Ankur discovered an XSS vulnerability on our site and contacted us. Thanks for finding this for us! Your valuable contribution has helped make our website more secure.
@TristanGuiheux     13 August, 2020
    Twitter TristanGuiheux Tristan Guiheux from LA POSTE:
4N_CURZE has helped us to find and fix some issues on web sites we're protecting. This kind of help is greatly appreciated from a security perspective. This way we can improve ourselves and protect our customers.

More specifically, the completeness of the report and the details to correct the vulnerability were very appreciated. It was precise and clear. With such good writing skills proven by 4N_CURZE, it's easy to send it to developpers in a way they can understand both problematic and solution.

Thanks again in my name.
@apthorburn     5 February, 2020
    Twitter apthorburn Andrew Thorburn from The James Hutton Institute:
Ankur was very helpful in advising of a security issue. There was additional assistance in resolving this issue and making our site less vulnerable to attacks.
@Project84823360     17 November, 2019
    Twitter Project84823360 Mark Krob from
4N_CURZE did a great job locating and letting us know about vulnerabilities. He was detailed, professional and provided exceptional turnaround time. It was our pleasure to work with him! Thanks again.
@bryanlteague     19 March, 2021
    Twitter bryanlteague Bryan Teague from University of San Diego:
I appreciate the clear steps that the researcher has reported. It made it simple to validate the fix that was implemented.
@nazwapl     6 October, 2020
    Twitter nazwapl from
On behalf of, we would like to thank 4N_CURZE for detecting and indicating the vulnerability on our website. Thanks to you, we have eliminated the problem and now our clients are safer!
@51m0n3_50l4     28 July, 2020
    Twitter 51m0n3_50l4 Simone Sola from CartOrange:
Mr. Vaidya was very precise in indicating ou what was the vulnerability he found: we got in touch with him and very kindly and fast he answered us. This service is very efficient and we were very pleased by the efficiency of Mr. Vaidya.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:6482
Total reports on VIP sites:877
Total patched vulnerabilities:2460
Total vulnerabilities on Hold (Open Bug Bounty):11
Recommendations received:20
Active since:11.12.2018
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    10 April, 2024
Hatim uncovered a XSS bug that we were able to quickly resolve. Thanks very much for your assistance and help.
    8 April, 2024
Thanks to the support of Hatim Chabik, we were able to identify and solve an XSS bug.
    5 April, 2024
Pooja found a XSS vulnerability on our website and provided us with the needed Information for replication and fixing the issue. Which she verified afterwards.
We thank her for the reporting and assistance.
    2 April, 2024
Thank you for your invaluable help in ensuring the security of our domain and its visitors!
    20 March, 2024
Great exchanges with this person, thank you for your help and your report