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1995eatonTop-50 VIP Open Redirect Reporter Top Security Researcher of the Month | Security Researcher Profile

Security researcher 1995eaton has already helped fix 716 vulnerabilities.

Researcher reputation:  130

How to contact me:
[email protected]

Experience in Application Security
3-5 years

Award / Bug Bounty I prefer:
A thanks or simply an email asking about the vulnerability would be fantastic, but a PayPal donation ( would be greatly appreciated.

Halls of Fame:
* Apple (
* Gift Card Granny (

Recommendations and Acknowledgements

@hitchhiker2010     5 June, 2017
    Twitter hitchhiker2010 Frank W from EF:
Thanks!! Found an XSS vuln, and helped immediately provide info that sorted it quickly. Very helpfull!
@birajprajapati     25 July, 2016
    Twitter birajprajapati Biraj Prajapati from Preloved:
Many thanks for finding and reporting the vulnerability, and for your quick response
@DerekTheJew     22 July, 2016
    Twitter DerekTheJew Derek from Trend Hunter:
Reported and responded quickly. Very thankful for his vigilance. We appreciate it greatly.
@primrose_ph     22 July, 2016
    Twitter primrose_ph Paul from Primrose:
Thanks very much for finding the hole on our site and allowing us to patch it. Excellent work!
@GigSalad     11 July, 2016
    Twitter GigSalad Locke from GigSalad:
Thanks for the report!!
@MakeupAlley     10 July, 2016
    Twitter MakeupAlley Michal from MakeupAlley:
Thanks for alerting us to a vulnerability on our site and being so responsive, Jake.
We really appreciate it.
@LiveBinders     22 June, 2016
    Twitter LiveBinders Barbara Tallent from LiveBinders:
Thank you for your help in finding a vulnerability on our site! Your quick response was greatly appreciated!
@meeksbeak     22 June, 2016
    Twitter meeksbeak RMeek from FontsInUse:
Thank you for identifying and informing us about a vulnerability on our site.
@WholesaleCen     17 June, 2016
    Twitter WholesaleCen LRioni from Sumner Communications, Inc.:
Thank you for letting us know about a vulnerability that we missed on one of our web pages. It's all patched up now. This service is very much appreciated. I didn't even know it existed, but now will tell everyone about it.
@kominbhai     16 June, 2016
    Twitter kominbhai Komin Antony from InvestorWords:
Thanks for finding and providing the necessary details to fix the vulnerability on our website. It allowed us to solve the issue quickly and improve the overall security of our site.

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Research Statistics

Total reports:1080
Total reports on VIP sites:816
Total patched vulnerabilities:716
Recommendations received:13
Active since:20.05.2016
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  Recent Recommendations

@rantoniazzi     19 January, 2021
    Twitter rantoniazzi:
Thanks for pointing out a public phpinfo(). Very fast contact.
@driesvanhaver     19 January, 2021
    Twitter driesvanhaver:
We were informed of a vulnerability. Thank you to Praveen for telling us it existed.
@snowdarkz     19 January, 2021
    Twitter snowdarkz:
Thank you very much for the help with the vulnerability. Very fast contact.
@Cazz0r     19 January, 2021
    Twitter Cazz0r:
Massive thanks for Warbid for his vulnerability report sent directly to us! Thanks for making the web a safer place!
@CahEmiliano     18 January, 2021
    Twitter CahEmiliano:
Pramod is an excelent professional. He answer very quickly and help us to fix a security issue.
I recommend his skills and knowledge, he is a great cybersecurity expert.