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Coordinated Disclosure Vulnerability

This vulnerability was reported via our coordinated disclosure Open Bug Bounty program and patched.

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    25 June, 2019
Thank you very much for your time and professional help.
    24 June, 2019
Mughiwara has been very kind to inform us of a vulnerability present in one of our websites. Unfortunately, our institution is unable to reward him for his help and I don't have other means of providing him one. If I could, I would do it gladly. The least I can do is add this recommendation. Best regards
    24 June, 2019
I am recommending my self for reporting XSS on behalf of as they do not have twitter account.Xss Issue is fixed now.
    24 June, 2019
MAS00712 found xss vulnerability on our website. We have fixed the issue. Thank you for your report!
    20 June, 2019
Thank you on your kind help!