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Coordinated Disclosure Vulnerability

This vulnerability was reported via our coordinated disclosure Open Bug Bounty program and patched.

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    25 March, 2019
Dear Armin, thank you very much for reporting a vulnerability to us in such a respectful, professional way! Your extensive documentation helped us tremendously to solve the issue in almost no time.

It's guys like you that make the internet a better and safer place! Thanks alot!
    24 March, 2019
Thank you for reporting this vulnerability to us responsibly and for your professional conduct. Your assistance and professionalism is much appreciated.
    22 March, 2019
Thank you for your time and notification.
    19 March, 2019
Ezio has helped me with a vulnerability. Answered very fast after some questions and showed the way to examine the issue. Very professional!
    19 March, 2019
Thank you k0t for reporting this bug. We appreciate your work!