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Coordinated Disclosure Vulnerability

This vulnerability was reported via our coordinated disclosure Open Bug Bounty program and patched.

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@simondale101     23 February, 2021
    Twitter simondale101:
Thanks for finding the XSS Bug, which was pretty obscure. I appreciate your responsiveness on the issue :)
@dirqzn     23 February, 2021
    Twitter dirqzn:
Many thanks to Cyber_India for informing us about a vulnerability. Communication was quick and transparent!
@TucWebmaster     23 February, 2021
    Twitter TucWebmaster:
Thank you for discovering and reporting this XSS vulnerability. We greatly appreciate your work to secure our web applications.
@testmynet     22 February, 2021
    Twitter testmynet:
Thank you for catching a XSS I missed!
@izismile     22 February, 2021
    Twitter izismile:
Cyber_India informed us on a possible security risk on our website. The communication via e-mail was very fast and helpful. Thank you!