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Coordinated Disclosure Vulnerability

This vulnerability was reported via our coordinated disclosure Open Bug Bounty program and patched.

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  Recent Recommendations

@testmynet     29 September, 2020
    Twitter testmynet:
Very helpful researcher found a XSS issue that others didn't see.
@TristanGuiheux     28 September, 2020
    Twitter TristanGuiheux:
Yashodar continue to help us to find and fix some issues on web sites we're protecting. This kind of help is still really appreciated from a security perspective. Thanks again in my name.
@s3cguy1     25 September, 2020
    Twitter s3cguy1:
Really appreciate the way that this was disclosed. Researcher was courteous and very helpful.

@MalagaCarCom     25 September, 2020
    Twitter MalagaCarCom:
Found a dangerous injection vulnerability. Solved now, thank you!
@trippingflags     24 September, 2020
    Twitter trippingflags:
Thanks for highlighting this issue for us and also for re-testing it once we patched it. :)