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Coordinated Disclosure Vulnerability

This vulnerability was reported via our coordinated disclosure Open Bug Bounty program and patched.

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  Recent Recommendations

@Dolibarr     27 November, 2020
    Twitter Dolibarr:
@Mr_Pr1M3 gave us cordialy several interesting reports and feedbacks to strengthen the security of our web sites sites. We thank him.
@studentdoctor     26 November, 2020
    Twitter studentdoctor:
Identified two CVEs that we responded to immediately. Excellent and friendly communication. Highest recommendation!

Thank you!
@slinky2000     26 November, 2020
    Twitter slinky2000:
v0lk3n helped us diagnose and fix form XSS vulnerabilities on our site that were very old.

Very friendly and approachable.

Thanks for your help!
@alliancebezpeka     26 November, 2020
    Twitter alliancebezpeka:
Alliance safety LLC has received your vulnerability reports on 15 November 2020. We have verified the reports, found them to be valid, informed our constituent and we will follow up until this case is
resolved and problem fixed.

Alliance safety LLC would like to thank you for the valuable information you have provided us which have helped us to secure our site.
@pcmonitors     26 November, 2020
    Twitter pcmonitors:
Identified a security issue I was completely unaware of and gave a very clear description of it. Allowing me to correct the problem immediately. Thank you Cyber_India!