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How create xml report file via Burp Suite

1. Reproduce the vulnerability using Burp Suite

2. Proxy - HTTP History tab should contain at least 3 HTTP requests

  • First request with page contents for CSRF exploitation
  • Second request – the actual exploitation of CSRF vulnerability
  • Third request with page contents after CSRF exploitation

3. Add comments to request, as shown below

4. Select the requests and save them into file

5. Send the saved file using report form.

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    Patched on 18.12.2018
    Patched on 17.12.2018
    Patched on 17.12.2018
    Patched on 17.12.2018
    Patched on 17.12.2018
    Patched on 17.12.2018
    Patched on 16.12.2018
    Patched on 16.12.2018
    Patched on 16.12.2018
    Patched on 16.12.2018

  Recent Recommendations

    18 December, 2018
Thanks to Armin for making us aware of an XSS issue in our service. It's people like him that make the web a safer place!
    18 December, 2018
Many thanks to Armin, he found a problem with which our website was fragile for Cross-Site-Scripting. Thanks a lot!
    17 December, 2018
thanks for your fast and uncomplicated help!
    15 December, 2018
Thank you for helping us to made our website more secure. Andrei has answered quick and friendly to our emails and provided detailed information on the issue and delivered solution to fix it.
    14 December, 2018
Thank you Mohamed for reporting the XSS vulnerability on our site. Great Job. Its been fixed now.