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Can't reproduce vulnerability " for five websites"

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2023 10:33 am
Hi Admin,

may i know why all below Submission ID XSS vulnerabilities are rejected, after rejected i checked once again its vulnerable to XSS. Admin please revalidate once.

ID- 3237789, 3237773, 3237771, 3237948, 3237796

For ID -- 3237771
Step 1: initially it will display "access denied" after refreshing the page then go back to the same page where you entered the script .
Step 2: Now again click on search bar it will pop-up. Here the xss is occurring.

for balance ID's 3237948, 3237796,3237789, 3237773 while entering the script in "search bar "it will pop-up please re-validate once.