Windows Stack Buffer Overflow in a real life app — Exploit development — CloudMe_1.11.2 Buffer Overflow-CVE-2018–6892

CloudMe 1.11.2 Buffer OverFlow – Exploit Development.



This is Febin,

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In this Post , I am gonna demonstrate windows Stack buffer overflow and exploit development in CloudMe 1.11.2 .

CloudMe is a cloud storage service. This buffer overflow vulnerability was patched and the exploit is released publicly in 2018 (CVE-2018–6892).

This is a Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability

This demo will help guys who are preparing for OSCP or equivalent Certifications and also help guys (like me!) who wanna learn advanced hacking and exploit development. There are some executables/apps like “vulnserver” that are intentionally built to be vulnerable for educational purposes, but this is a real life application. So, basically we are developing a real exploit and attacking a real app.

Lets Go!

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How to bypass mod_security (WAF)

Hello, this time I would like to share with you how to evade the WAF mod_security.

Looking for vulnerable pages I came across a website that, after spending a little time on it, I realized that it could be vulnerable to sql injections, then I realized that it was “protected” with mod_security and decided to see if I could skip the waf.

I share how I did it …

sql injection to bypass Mod_Security

sql injection + bypass Mod_Security


/*!50000%75%6e%69on*/ %73%65%6cect 1



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