Enhanced ratings for bug bounties at Open Bug Bounty

Following, a steady growth of new bug bounty programs at Open Bug Bounty (almost 500 soon!), we gladly present the following new features on the platform:

– Detailed bug bounty ratings by researchers
– Comments on bug bounty available to researchers
– Responses to the comments available to bug bounty owners

Thereby, security researchers will now be able to focus on reputable bug bounty programs committed to timely remediate reported vulnerabilities and fairly recognize efforts of the researchers.

The new features are designed to further promote and advance a frictionless and transparent dialogue between security researchers and bug bounties owners.

Please use a respectful, fact-based and improvement-oriented style for all your comments and responses!

2 Replies to “Enhanced ratings for bug bounties at Open Bug Bounty”

  1. How do we see the submissions we’ve made towards those bug bounties? Every once in a while when I submit an XSS, it tells me the site has a bug bounty but that’s about it. Thank you.

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