Better Notifications Mechanism

Hey Folks,
You probably noticed many small improvements of OBB made in April. We have also improved our website owner notification system to maximize rapidity, reliability and clarity of notifications.
Some of you currently don’t have emails in your researcher profiles: this creates hurdles for website owners to reach out to you. Eventually, this slows down your communications with website owners and reduces your chances to get awards.
To address the issue, we have now created a new obligatory field – email address – it will be displayed as an image in your profile (to prevent scrapping and spam) and will be visible to everyone. Please fill-in your email where you can be readily contacted and that you regularly check and read. This will greatly help website owners and boost your chances to get deserved recognition for your research.
We are approaching 1,000,000 submissions, so let’s boost quality of our submissions!
OBB Team

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