Finding with dork a multiple DOM XSS in the same html

A month ago I tried to search a programs in bug bounty and I saw a domain and I try ever with a simple dork: ext:html.

Tried to search a different extension the most vulnerable is html because in sometimes exist a little javascript and I saw a webpage with a strange description in google.

And when saw the code in the page exist a javascript with a document.write with the parameter “Title” so if change this parameter for a simple XSS can exploit this parameter.

But I thought in this moment this path is very commun and tried to found this path with the tittle in this html in google with a little Dork: inurl:imagelib/sitebuilder/misc/show_image.html intitle:”Site Builder”

BOOM! multiples domains with this XSS if you try to search in Duckduckgo exist a lot of different domain.




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