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Find the login panel
site: inurl: admin | administrator | adm | login | l0gin | wp-login

site: intext: “sql syntax near” or “syntax error has occurred” or “incorrect syntax near” or “unexpected end of SQL command” or “Warning: mysql_connect ()” or “Warning: mysql_query ()” or “Warning: pg_connect ()” or “Warning: mysql_fetch_array ()”

site: intext: “sql syntax near” or
“syntax error has occurred”
“incorrect syntax near”
“unexpected end of SQL command”
“Warning: mysql_connect ()”
“Warning: mysql_query ()”
“Warning: pg_connect ()”
“Warning: mysql_fetch_array ()”
“MySQL Query Failed”

[*] Files in the site
site: ext: txt | ext: doc | ext: docx | ext: odt | ext: pdf | ext: rtf | ext: sxw | ext: psw | ext: ppt | ext: pptx | ext: pps | ext: csv

[*] Get open directories (index of)
intitle: “index of /” Parent Directory site:

[*] Search by exposed admin directories
intitle: “Index of / admin” site:

[*] Search by exposed password directories
intitle: “Index of / password” site:

[*] Search by email directories
intitle: “Index of / mail” site:

[*] Password directory search
intitle: “Index of /” passwd site:

[*] Search for directories and password files
intitle: “Index of /” password.txt site:

[*] Search for the .htaccess file
intitle: “Index of /” .htaccess site:

[*] Search for different extensions
intitle: “index of ftp” .mdb site:

[*] Login panel search
Intitle: “login” “admin” site:

[*] Search administration panel / login
inurl: admin site:

[*] Login panel search
inurl: login site:

[*] Search for .txt files with passwords
inurl: passwd filetype: txt site:

[*] .db file search in admin address
inurl: admin filetype: db site:

[*] Log search
filetype: log site:

[*] Search for xls and cvs files in the domain
filetype: xls csv site:

[*] Search for other sites that contain information about our objective
link: -site:

[*] Users and passwords of a website
site: ext: pwd inurl: (service | authors | administrators | users) “# -FrontPage-“

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