Denial of Service vulnerability in script-loader.php (CVE-2018-6389)

The load-scripts.php file receives a parameter called load[], the parameter value is ‘jquery-ui-core’. In the response, I received the JS module ‘jQuery UI Core’ that was requested

  What can be concluded from this URL, is that it is probably meant to supply users with some JS modules. In addition, the load[] parameter is an array, which means that it is possible to provide multiple values and be able to get multiple JS modules within the response.

   I wondered what would happen if I sent the server a request to supply me every JS module that it stored? A single request would cause the server to perform 181 I/O actions and provide the file contents in the response.

So I tried it, I sent the request to the server:

The server responded after 2.2 seconds, with almost 4MB of data, which made the server work really hard to process such a request.